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Slanted Door Opens Today at City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon

City Center Bishop Ranch, San Ramon

The eagerly anticipated opening of San Francisco-based Slanted Door has arrived as they open for dinner this evening in the new City Center Bishop Ranch shopping plaza in San Ramon. Lunch will be available at a future date. Check out their dinner menu here and drink menu here.

From their website:

Our space is one of the two glass boxes that visually “end” the plan of the Piazza. So on the one hand we had the challenge (and opportunity) to design in a space that is transparent on all sides. Restaurants usually hide a lot of program, but in this case we celebrated it. We also wanted to emphasize the transparency from the piazza side, so we used materials with a lot of tonal contrast (blacks and whites) to draw one’s eye without resorting to color, which we felt would have been less in keeping with Piano’s overall pallet.


Yankee Pier Closing Today in Lafayette

Lafayette Mercantile

Thanks to everyone who emailed that the seafood restaurant Yankee Pier will be closing today in the Lafayette Mercantile shopping center. Apparently high rent as well as lower revenue caused the same group that owned Lark Creek in downtown Walnut Creek to exit. However, their website does show they also own nearby Cooperage and Corners Tavern. I wonder if the addition of newer restaurants Batch & Brine and Barranco across the street impacted them negatively?


Diablo Design Group Opens in Danville

154 E. Prospect Ave, Danville

A new full service design studio called Diablo Design Group, made up of six independent designers, opened recently in Danville where NIQUEA.D used to be on E. Prospect Ave. Find out more about the design process on their website here.

From their website:

At our interior design firm, our goal is to provide a space you would love to show off, or that works for your unique lifestyle. Whether you need a full-scale remodel or a room update, we can provide these services and much more.

We work for residential and commercial clients who wish to update the look and feel of their living or working space.

Daily Life

How Long is it Going to Take for the Future Hyundai of Concord Dealership to Open?

Years ago around town I noticed license plate holders with Future Hyundai of Concord and thought it was odd they would advertise a future dealership opening. I even drove by the future dealership wondering how long it would take for them to open. Eventually it dawned on me: the name of the dealership is Future Hyundai of Concord! I feel like such a dum dum! 😳

Real Estate

Vaya Apartments Now Leasing in Downtown Walnut Creek

1800 Lacassie Ave, Walnut Creek

The Vaya apartment complex across from the Walnut Creek BART station is now leasing. In the photo above you can see the public art sculpture at right. Looks like giant red pickup sticks. Check out details and leasing options here. Get up to one month free… which will help pay for the $3000+ rent for ~600 sq ft apartment. 😨