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Huge Lines at Recently Reopened Apple Store at Broadway Plaza in Downtown Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Only a couple of weeks ago the Apple store at Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek was boarded up with few people to be seen. As I checked out the area this week, I was amazed by the huge lines on both sides of the Apple store with temperature checks being done and mandatory mask wearing while in line. I guess people really love their Apple gear!


Retail Shopping Slowly Opening Back up in Downtown Walnut Creek

Broadway Pointe, Walnut Creek

The one-two punch of the Covid-19 pandemic with recent looting in downtown Walnut Creek meant lots of closed and boarded up stores over the weekend but there are signs of retail shopping slowly opening up. Out of curiosity I checked out Williams-Sonoma which was open. A warning out front asking people to wear a mask and not to come in with a cough or fever was accompanied with touchless shopping signs inside the store. A few other people were inside as well, but frankly, it’s going to take a while to get used to shopping.


Outdoor Patio Dining Now permitted in Contra Costa

Outdoor dining is now permitted in Contra Costa county, and as you can see in the above photo many people jumped at the chance to dine out at Modern China Cafe in downtown Walnut Creek. Quite a few other downtown spots were also quite busy and I’m sure it’s going to pick up further with summer approaching, as long as Covid-19 infections remain stable. Do you plan on eating out anytime soon?

Daily Life

What’s going on with the Broadway Pointe Parking Garage in Downtown Walnut Creek?

I noticed this “CREDIT CARDS ONLY” sign at the Broadway Pointe parking garage in downtown Walnut Creek. The toll booth was open but does anyone know how much they’re going to charge and whether there will be any free parking included like the three hours that Broadway Plaza offers? Or are they going to choose what La Fiesta Square did in Lafayette and offer NO free parking whatsoever? Is this the end of the road for free parking in downtown Walnut Creek?! 🚗🚘🚗🚘