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Forevermark by Padis Jewelry Opening this Summer at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

In February we learned that San Francisco-based Padis Jewelry would be opening a new store this spring at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek featuring De Beers Forevermark Diamonds. Interestingly, the opening signage has been changed from spring to summer and the Padis branding has been dropped. However, the Broadway Plaza directory still lists “Forevermark by Padis Jewelry”.


Jalsa Kitchen Opens at Diablo Plaza in San Ramon

Diablo Plaza, San Ramon

A bit late posting about this but the Indian restaurant Jalsa Kitchen opened late last year at Diablo Plaza in San Ramon. Check out their menu here. I stopped by recently and had their samosa chaat with garbanzo, mint, tamarind & yogurt which was delicious! If you’re in the area definitely drop by to try this place out.

From their website:

Jalsa Kitchen is an attempt by the well known Jalsa Catering & Events team to bring the devoured Jalsa food within the reach of food lovers in various cities in San Francisco Bay area. Our goal is to introduce the global community to the classic and modern aspects of the India food in a casual atmosphere. We are going to be adamant about sourcing high quality seasonal produce from the local farms. Quality and taste would be our core focus and we will leave the rest for our customers to decide.


Formula 3 Gym Opens at La Fiesta Square in Lafayette

La Fiesta Square, Lafayette

Formula 3, a new gym from the owners of Renaissance Club Sport opened last week at La Fiesta Square in Lafayette where Open Sesame used to be. You can track your progress and schedule classes directly on the Formula 3 app.

From their website:

We created FORGE / FIRE / FLOW: a fitness system designed to condition the body’s core components of strength, cardio and flexibility. We bring this system to life with a collection of proprietary group training experiences.


Clean Juice Coming to The Orchards in Walnut Creek

The Orchards at Walnut Creek

The juice bar Clean Juice is coming to the Orchards shopping center in Walnut Creek. Check out their menu here. In addition to juices they also offer Acai bowls, avocado and other toasts, and cleanses. I wonder how this will compare with Joe & the Juice?

From their website:

Clean Juice® started in 2014 as the brainchild of Kat & Landon Eckles. Landon, after spending years traveling internationally, was ready for a career change and more time at home with his growing family. Kat had spent the better part of a decade making smoothies and juices at home and shot off the idea of opening a juice bar in the Charlotte area.


iBar Opens at Lyric in Walnut Creek

Lyric, Walnut Creek

Earlier this year we learned that the eyebrow threading salon iBar would be relocating from their Mercer spot a few blocks away to Lyric and they have now conveniently opened right next to Drybar. Check out their services here which also includes facial/massage therapies as well as waxing and teeth whitening.

From their website:

Established in 2009 by the founder Vimaa Patel, her dedicated staff and loyal clientele have warranted the expansion of her eyebrow empire across the Bay area with multiple signature eyebrow boutiques. As an esthetician by trade, Vimaa wanted to share her gift & passion to create a better way for people to experience beauty services.


Makers Market Relocates to Original Broadway Plaza Spot in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

A couple of years ago the American-made, handcrafted goods boutique Makers Market first opened at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek but eventually relocated within the plaza to where Kit and Ace used to be. Last week they relocated once again, this time back to their original spot across from Nordstrom. With the recently opened Apple store nearby it looks much better around there. Find out more about Makers Market and check out their online selection here. With Mother’s Day coming up you should drop by to check out their gift selection if you’re in the area.

Previous location:


Izakaya An Opens in Concord

3501 Clayton Rd, Concord

A new traditional Japanese restaurant called Izakaya An opened recently in the same small strip mall where Concord Tap House on Clayton Rd. in Concord is. Check out their tempura, grilled fish and kobachi menu here, hot pot, and noodle menu here, and ochazuke and dessert menu here. As someone who lived in Japan for several years in the 90’s this place reminds me most closely to the cozy izakayas I encountered over there. Even the music playing here is from the 80s/90s. I definitely want to try this place out soon!

From their Yelp page:

Authentic Japanese Izakaya An, is clean and cozy at-home-like atomosphere gives you relaxed vibe where you can come enjoy yourself or with friends and family. We are specialized in kobachi (small homestyle dish) to compliment Japanese Sake and beer as well as charcoal grilled Yakitori, tempura, ochazuke and noodles.