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Make It, Don’t Buy It: DIY Condiments & Sauces at Rodgers Ranch in Pleasant Hill on June 15th

Photo by Flickr user Rachel Tayse

Make It, Don’t Buy It: DIY Condiments & Sauces:

Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center
315 Cortsen Rd, Pleasant Hill
Thursday, June 15th, 2017
10:00am – 12:00pm | $20

There are many wonderful reasons for making your own condiments and sauces: You have control over what goes in them; the ingredients are fresher; they taste better; and, in many cases, they cost less. See how easy it is to make mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, almond milk, barbecue sauce and salad dressings. Everyone will participate in making one of these, so bring an apron.


Spavia Opening in Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

The spa Spavia is coming to the Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center with their first California location. Check out their services here.

From their website:

Our locally owned spa will have you in a luxurious robe and spa sandals, where you will begin to relax in our retreat area. Our retreat area is equipped with motivational reading materials, soothing music, comfortable seating, and an assortment of hot teas and tea mints. By the time one of our highly skilled and trained massage therapists or estheticians comes to greet you, our relaxing day spa will have put you into a state of bliss


Align Yoga Opening in Pleasant Hill

1521 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill

Thanks to a reader for sending word about a new yoga studio called Align Yoga coming to Pleasant Hill. Their grand opening will be June 23rd – June 25th anounced soon and they will offer various yoga classes including hot yoga. Check out their classes here, rates here, and read about the instructors here. Check for updates on their Facebook page here.

From their website:

Our goal is to create a space for the yoga community that provides balance, health and wellness to it’s members. Align Yoga’s philosophy is to offer a variety of yoga classes and styles, suitable to all levels and aid in everyone’s yoga journey.

Our classes will be at varying temperatures depending on the class. The benefits of hot yoga are for everyone. The heat is a tool to increase flexibility by warming the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. It improves range of motion and balance. The heat and humidity of the room detoxes the body through sweating. Our yoga rooms and sauna use the latest technology of infrared heat to detox and heal the body from the inside out.


i heart art Studio Opens in Pleasant Hill

15 A Vivian Dr, Pleasant Hill

I recently found out about an art studio which opened late last year in Pleasant Hill called i heart art. They offer classes for kids (drawing, drama), teens (graffiti arts, henna, and more) and adults (graffiti arts, fused glass, weaving, mala and more). Check out their party and events page here, summer camps here, and open studio info here ($5 off if you walk or bike to the studio). Looks fun, especially the workshops for fused glass and graffiti!

From their website:

Co-founders Abby and Amy are moms, artists and teachers. While working together at a private school for many years, they have collaborated on building their vision for an art studio for children. They have built a network of parents over the years that have grown to love their work with children and have earned tremendous respect for their artistic knowledge and skill in developing young minds.


Celebrate Earth Day in the Garden on April 30th in Pleasant Hill

Check out the complete schedule here.

Celebrate Earth Day in the Garden:

Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden
1 Santa Barbara Rd, Pleasant Hill
Sunday, April 30th, 2017
1:00 – 4:00pm | Free

Enjoy a day in the Garden with fun activities for kids and adults – everyone Hear from local experts on topics such as smart irrigation, garden pollinators, and gardening with native plants. Take a tour of the garden led by University of California Master Gardener, Monika Olsen. Talk with local experts and organizations such as Wild Birds Unlimited, California Native Plant Society, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, DVC Horticultural Club, and many more!


What’s The Buzz: Backyard Beekeeping at Rodgers Ranch in Pleasant Hill on March 16th

What’s The Buzz: Backyard Beekeeping:

Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center
315 Cortsen Rd, Pleasant Hill
Thursday, March 16th, 2017
10:00am – 12:00pm | $20

Are you thinking about keeping bees? Or perhaps you just want to know more about these miraculous garden helpers and how to encourage them to visit your yard? Jan Pinkerton-Spieth, our expert from the Mt. Diablo Beekeepers’ Association, teaches us about bee biology, equipment, installation, seasonal management, bee-friendly gardens, and much more!


Golf Galaxy Opens in Pleasant Hill

Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

Thanks to a reader for pointing out that Golf Galaxy has opened in the Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center where Golfsmith used to be. Golf Galaxy is owned by DICK’S Sporting Goods and according to a store employee everything in the store comes from Golf Galaxy, not leftover from Golfsmith. Too bad about that sign though…


Bounty From Your Garden: Fruit Trees 101 at Rodgers Ranch in Pleasant Hill on Feb 16th

Photo by Flickr user valkrye131

Bounty From Your Garden: Fruit Trees 101:

Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center
315 Cortsen Rd, Pleasant Hill
Thursday, February 16th, 2017
10:00am – 12:00pm | $20

Fresh fruit off your tree is so much better than what you find in stores! The best time to plant fruit trees and berries is in January and February, when nurseries have the best selection of bare root plants. Learn how to choose, prep, plant, prune, and maintain your fruit trees. Special attention will be given to keeping them small through first and subsequent pruning (dwarfing rootstock doesn’t keep them small). We will also touch on berries and go over differences in planting blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.


Fat Maddie’s Barrelhouse & Bistro Coming to Pleasant Hill

Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Center

Fat Maddie’s Barrelhouse & Bistro is coming to the Downtown Pleasant Hill shopping center where they will occupy a prime spot at the clocktower where the clothing store Atlas & Athena and Pasta Pomodoro used to be. The owner is the same one as Fat Maddie’s Grille in San Ramon. Check out their menu here. I look forward to trying this place out!

From the Fat Maddie’s Grille website:

Named for our family’s favorite goat, FAT MADDIE’S rustic menu incorporates local, sustainable, and organic ingredients. The family is committed to serving only free-range and antibiotic free chicken as well as hormone and antibiotic free beef. FAT MADDIE’S eggs come from chickens on the family’s personal working farm and food waste is recycled to pigs on a neighboring ranch. As for the goat cheese, let’s just say that Maddie has her sources.