Mural of the Day

Thanks to a reader for sending a photo of this sweet looking mural:

Spotted behind the plaza on Oak Grove & Treat with the Trader Joe’s (behind Peets).


Ko Cups Opening at The Veranda in Concord

The Veranda, Concord

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Ko Cups, a “Korean bbq place that serves in bowls/ cups that frequents food trucks and antique Fair in Alameda” is coming to the Veranda shopping center in Concord next to Poke Bowl. Check out their menu here.

From their website and menu:

We founded Ko-Cups in 2016 to bring delicious Korean offerings to the food fair and farmer’s market scenes. We believe in quality ingredients and that our food ultimately speaks for itself; there is no success without flavor. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cities.

Ko-Cups start off with a base of aromatic rice, the best Japchae (Korean noodles) you’ve ever tasted, and some crunchy seasonal vegetables. Choose your protein, then we top it with one of our flavorful sauces: Sweet & Spicy Chili, Hot Gochujang, or Mayo Mustard — your pick!


Residual Sugar Wine Bar 🍷 Opens at The Veranda in Concord

The Veranda, Concord

There is a lot going on at the Veranda shopping center in Concord these days and now Walnut Creek based Residual Sugar Wine Bar has opened as well, right next to Coffee Shop. Check out their wine menu here, food menu here and look for updates on their Instagram page here. There is a huge outdoor patio area to the side as well as in front so the next time you find yourself in Concord I recommend dropping by to check this place out! 🍷


Barnes & Noble Coming to The Veranda in Concord

The Veranda, Concord

Thanks to a reader for pointing out that according to the latest directory map Barnes & Noble is coming to the Veranda shopping center next to Banana Republic in Concord. You may remember that Barnes & Noble closed over two years ago in downtown Walnut Creek and almost five years ago in Pleasant Hill. I wonder whether they’ll change anything up to compete with Amazon as they plot their return or will they continue to push the NOOK and hope for their loyal shoppers to return.


Waiting for the (not Craftsman) Hammer to Drop on Concord Sears as Bankruptcy Declared

This broken sign outside Sears at the Sunvalley Valley shopping center in Concord is representative of the decline of one of the most dominant retailers of the 20th century as Sears declared bankruptcy yesterday. Although the Concord Sears is not on the list to close it’s probably only a matter of time before the hammer drops there as well. And it won’t be a Craftsman either as that iconic brand was sold last year to Stanley Black & Decker. Do you think the Concord Sears will survive? If not, how long do you expect them to last? If you’re interested to see how far they’ve fallen I encourage you to check them out and walk around a while before it’s too late. I did that over the summer and was shocked at what happened, especially to the electronics section, where TVs are no longer sold, and it looks dreary throughout.


Funky Latin Orchestra at The Veranda in Concord Tonight, Oct 3rd

Funky Latin Orchestra:

The Veranda
2001 Diamond Blvd, Concord
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
6:00 – 8:00pm | Free

Vibes at the Veranda will light up Fountain Plaza beginning with Funky Latin Orchestra (FLO) on Oct. 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. The group has a dynamic sound ranging from salsa, Latin jazz and old school funk, to R&B, pop, and even some oldies. Guests may arrive early on Wednesday to set up their chairs and get comfortable for the performance.