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Daily Life

Trinity Center for the Homeless Relocates in Downtown Walnut Creek

1271 S. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

Late last year we learned that an adult day care center would be opening in downtown Walnut Creek where Baja Fresh used to be, next to the Habit Burger Grill. It turns out it’s not an adult day care center at all but rather the Trinity Center for the homeless and working poor, which relocated a few blocks away. Note that they are closed on weekends.

From their website:

Trinity Center offers a Safety Net of Basic Human Services, including:

  • Food, breakfast & hot lunch
  • Showers & Laundry
  • Clothing
  • Mail and Telephone Access
  • Referral Services
  • Help with benefit applications
  • Community

Trinity Center serves people who are homeless and those experiencing poverty. The Center is an opportunity for community and a safe place off the street.

Daily Life

Check out the Outdoor Workout Equipment at Civic Park in Walnut Creek

Civic Park, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for sending word that new, outdoor workout equipment is now available at Civic Park in Walnut Creek. It’s located right near the bridge that leads to the parking lot. There are no chains or gears which is why it can be left in the open from what I can tell. When I tried it didn’t provide much resistance but maybe I wasn’t doing it correctly. Has anyone used this yet?

Daily Life

Door Knob of the Day at Dos Coyotes in Concord

Not sure if all Dos Coyotes Border Cafe bathrooms use these Saniguard door knobs but I always worry about there not being paper towels in a public bathroom forcing me to use my hands to open the door. With this handle I can use my inner elbow to open it while keeping my hands nice and clean. Genius!

Daily Life

Southern Pacific Rail Car Exposed with Vic Stewart’s Demolition in Walnut Creek

Late last year we learned that Vic Stewart’s would be closing in downtown Walnut Creek and now that the building is getting demolished to make room for new retail space, the Southern Pacific rail car is visible before it gets shipped off to the Martinez Historical Society museum. Thanks to a reader for pointing out this cool historical piece of Walnut Creek!

They note:

I think this is the first time the car has been visible since it was placed there in 1974 when the building was moved here and converted to a restaurant.

Daily Life

Cruisin’ Downtown Walnut Creek

Check out the above downtown Walnut Creek scene and you’re probably drawn to the sweet looking red convertible at right. However, what caused me to do a double take was the skateboarder behind the white jeep. What was he doing just standing on his board directly behind the car? I tried make sense of it, but it was only when the light turned green and he whizzed by effortlessly crossing Mount Diablo Blvd. that it all made sense. An electric skateboard!