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Daily Life

“Five hours is not beyond reason for ladies to have coffee, shop, browse and have lunch”

Note: Read my parking alert post from last year here.

A bit scary how Broadway Plaza parking jumps from free the first 3 hours to $25 for 5+ hours!

From a reader:

The lot behind Crate & Barrel has paid parking since January 7.
First 3 hours free, then confusing signage of each hour after.

A friend and I were up there today for shopping and lunch. We began at 10 with coffee at Macy’s, then shopped in Macy’s ($50.00), cruised Lush and The Container Store, had lunch at Sunrise Bistro ($60.00), spent an hour or so in Crate & Barrel and finished up at David M Brian ($250.00), going back to the garage at 3:00. We were parked for 5 hrs.

First 3 hours free? . . .you would expect maybe $2.50 per hour after? . . .You would be wrong. It cost us $25.00 to park for those 5 hours!! Twenty-five dollars! That’s either $5.00 per hour or $12.50 per hour depending on how you look at it.

This is atrocious. A Wednesday in winter at the middle of the day? Seriously??

Five hours is not beyond reason for ladies to have coffee, shop, browse and have lunch – we easily might have wanted to take in a matinee too. The garage cost, however, was far, far beyond reason. This is urban robbery and taxes the very people who support those stores, shops and restaurants.

Daily Life

Vintage Bicycle Scene of the Day

Over the weekend as I was getting ready to stroll down Hartz Ave. in Danville something caught my eye. When I looked up I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; a guy riding a vintage bicycle turning the corner as if it were nothing. Amazing!

Daily Life

Walnut Creek Women’s March Photos (Part IV)

At the Women’s March in downtown Walnut Creek on January 21st.

From an email:

I was out of town and unable to participate in the march in my own neighborhood (!).  Is there some way to link up with the people who marched here?  Are there local efforts to keep active around all the chaos that Trump is creating? I’d so appreciate it if you could refer me to someone other than the Democratic Party.

If you have a photo from the Women’s March in Walnut Creek that you’d like featured this week please email womensmarch[at] and I’ll try to get it up.