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Save Lafayette Trees – “Be ready for people to be upset.”

Check out for more information and sign the petition here.

From an email:

I wanted to let you know about a grassroots effort we’re undertaking to stop Lafayette’s March 27 agreement with PG&E to take down 272 trees, 216 which were formerly “protected” under state ordinance. The city is accepting $536K for meridian improvements as part of the deal.

On the site, we link to a petition which has received over 200 signatures in the first 48 hours. Our goal is to raise awareness about PG&E’s plans since they refuse to release a map of planned tree removals. We also want the city to reexamine their approach with PG&E since it would create a catastrophic impact on some neighborhoods.

Daily Life

Photos from 2017 Tax March in Downtown Walnut Creek

Although not as big as the Women’s March from earlier this year, there was plenty of honking and signs at the four corners of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Main St. in downtown Walnut Creek this past Saturday¬†as people participating in¬†the¬†Tax March¬†demanded¬†President Trump release his tax returns.¬†Check out more photos of the march after the jump.

More photos after the jump… Continue Reading

Daily Life

Moraga Disc Golf Course

Moraga Commons Park

Has anyone ever played the disc golf course at Moraga Commons Park? I always thought it was called frisbee golf but there is official-looking course signage with Moraga Disc Golf Club and course information for each hole. According to DGCourseReview, there are 9 holes/baskets built in 1982.

This¬†Lamorinda Weekly article¬†from last year notes that the¬†Moraga Disc Golf Club has, “between 75 and 100 active members” and meets on Tuesdays. Sounds fun!

Daily Life

“Five hours is not beyond reason for ladies to have coffee, shop, browse and have lunch”

Note: Read my parking alert post from last year here.

A bit scary how Broadway Plaza parking jumps from free the first 3 hours to $25 for 5+ hours!

From a reader:

The lot behind Crate & Barrel has paid parking since January 7.
First 3 hours free, then confusing signage of each hour after.

A friend and I were up there today for shopping and lunch. We began at 10 with coffee at Macy‚Äôs, then shopped in Macy’s ($50.00), cruised Lush and The Container Store, had lunch at Sunrise Bistro ($60.00), spent an hour or so in Crate & Barrel and finished up at David M Brian ($250.00), going back to the garage at 3:00. We were parked for 5 hrs.

First 3 hours free? . . .you would expect maybe $2.50 per hour after? . . .You would be wrong. It cost us $25.00 to park for those 5 hours!! Twenty-five dollars! That’s either $5.00 per hour or $12.50 per hour depending on how you look at it.

This is atrocious. A Wednesday in winter at the middle of the day? Seriously??

Five hours is not beyond reason for ladies to have coffee, shop, browse and have lunch – we easily might have wanted to take in a matinee too. The garage cost, however, was far, far beyond reason. This is urban robbery and taxes the very people who support those stores, shops and restaurants.