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Daily Life

Door Knob of the Day at Dos Coyotes in Concord

Not sure if all Dos Coyotes Border Cafe bathrooms use these Saniguard door knobs but I always worry about there not being paper towels in a public bathroom forcing me to use my hands to open the door. With this handle I can use my inner elbow to open it while keeping my hands nice and clean. Genius!

Daily Life

Southern Pacific Rail Car Exposed with Vic Stewart’s Demolition in Walnut Creek

Late last year we learned that Vic Stewart’s would be closing in downtown Walnut Creek and now that the building is getting demolished to make room for new retail space, the Southern Pacific rail car is visible before it gets shipped off to the Martinez Historical Society museum. Thanks to a reader for pointing out this cool historical piece of Walnut Creek!

They note:

I think this is the first time the car has been visible since it was placed there in 1974 when the building was moved here and converted to a restaurant.

Daily Life

Cruisin’ Downtown Walnut Creek

Check out the above downtown Walnut Creek scene and you’re probably drawn to the sweet looking red convertible at right. However, what caused me to do a double take was the skateboarder behind the white jeep. What was he doing just standing on his board directly behind the car? I tried make sense of it, but it was only when the light turned green and he whizzed by effortlessly crossing Mount Diablo Blvd. that it all made sense. An electric skateboard!

Daily Life

Remember Alamo Creek Restaurant? Help a Wife Find an Anniversary Present Memento

If anyone can help with this request please email help[at] and I’ll forward it on to her.

From an email:

My husband and I both grew up in Alamo, and our first date was at Alamo Creek Restaurant (now Lamorinda Pizza). As an anniversary present, I am trying to find a photo, menu, or really anything from the restaurant. I know you post a lot of restaurant openings/closings so I am hoping you might have a photo.

Daily Life

“Starbucks Racist Lady” – “Not a great representation of Walnut Creek.”

Thanks to a reader for pointing out a video as seen in this KRON4 article about a woman appearing to get angry at a Starbucks customers for speaking Korean:

It is really sad this kind of behavior still happens and still happens here. Simply put it is unacceptable and inappropriate behavior. Apparently she thinks it is ok to behave that way in our community. Not a great representation of Walnut Creek.

Apparently it took place on “North California near Target”. Note: the above photo is from a different Walnut Creek Starbucks.

Daily Life

How to Stop Muscle Cramps… Pickle Juice?

I was standing in line at Lunardi’s in Danville when I spotted this Pickle Juice sign out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a gag at first and then I noticed it was empty. Who knew pickle juice was so popular in Danville? The cashier mentioned people buying this to relieve muscle cramps, as the sign says. Is this really a thing? Not just pickle juice, but extra strength pickle juice!?

Daily Life

No Joke – Adult Day Care Center Planned for Downtown Walnut Creek

1271 S. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

When I first read about this in the planning commission agenda I thought it was a joke but it’s true; an adult day care center is planning to open in downtown Walnut Creek where Baja Fresh used to be at the corner of S. California Blvd. and Botelho Dr. No word yet on who the first occupants will be. 🙂

From the agenda:

Trinity Center Temporary Adult Day Care Center Conditional Use Permit

The applicant is requesting approval of a use permit to allow temporary relocation of Trinity Center, currently located at 1860 Trinity Avenue, to a vacant 5,050 square-foot commercial building at 1271 S. California Boulevard, a 1.32-acre property located at the northwest corner of S. California Boulevard and Botelho Drive. The temporary relocation request relates to St. Paul’s Commons, a 45-unit affordable apartment project whose ground floor Trinity Center intends to occupy when the complex is completed in mid-2019. The applicant is proposing that the Conditional Use Permit to expire automatically on September 30, 2019.