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Lack of Lighting at Moraga Shopping Center “Feels Very Unsafe”

Moraga Shopping Center

I dropped by the Moraga shopping center one night where Safeway is located and it turns out the email below is spot on. Dozens of lights are out, the lights that are on are not particularly bright, and some sections don’t have adequate lighting at all. The above photo shows one section of the parking lot with non-working lights circled in yellow. Anyone know who to contact about this?

From a reader:

I am a resident of Moraga and would like to know who to contact regarding the lack of lights at the Moraga Shopping Center. It is very dangerous and I have seen too many people trip due to the lack of light, drivers finding it difficult to see people in dark clothes or small children, and it feels very unsafe. How do I contact those that own and manage the Moraga Center and ask them to take responsibility for the unsafe environment they are creating by not maintain the lights in their parking lots. Someone is going to get hurt if they have not already. The town asks us to shop and support our local businesses but not at the expense of people’s safety.

Daily Life

New Parking Meters Spotted in Downtown Walnut Creek

Check out the new parking meters in downtown Walnut Creek. It looks like they chopped off the old ones and topped them with these new solar-charged high-tech models. They take ParkMobile mobile phone payments with Google/Apple payments “coming soon”. And they take coins as well, nice! Rates remain the same.

Out of curiosity I tried the ParkMobile mobile app once and it worked fine. I do miss the days when I could pull into a spot with time remaining that I could reuse. It felt like winning the parking lottery. Oh well.

Daily Life

How Long is it Going to Take for the Future Hyundai of Concord Dealership to Open?

Years ago around town I noticed license plate holders with Future Hyundai of Concord and thought it was odd they would advertise a future dealership opening. I even drove by the future dealership wondering how long it would take for them to open. Eventually it dawned on me: the name of the dealership is Future Hyundai of Concord! I feel like such a dum dum! 😳