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Daily Life


I would love to know what was going through the mind of the person who made this sign for the Lafayette McCaulou’s. Is this possibly a brand where the “i” is lowercase? What’s the meaning of this!?

Daily Life

Fire Guts Lafayette Tennis Club

Photo from Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

Yesterday a vegetation fire gutted the Lafayette Tennis Club on Camino Diablo in Lafayette, resulting in, “IMMEDIATE EVACUATION in the area of Camino Diablo & Springbrook Rd.” according to a message from the Lafayette Police, which was lifted several hours later. More information from this KTVU article here.

Daily Life

Possible 48+ Hour Power Outage Starting Tomorrow

I cannot believe there may be a possible 48+ hour power outage tomorrow! From a PG&E email:

In most cases, we would expect to be able to restore power within 24 to 48 hours after weather has passed. Depending on weather conditions or if any repairs are needed, outages (weather event plus restoration time) could last longer than 48 hours. For planning purposes, we suggest preparing for multiple-day outages.

Daily Life

Cypress Corner Mini Plaza Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek “Late Fall”

N. Main St. & Cypress St, Walnut Creek

There has been lots of construction going on at N. Main St. near the corner of Cypress St. in downtown Walnut Creek as the sidewalk and a few parking spots get demolished to make room for a new “mini” plaza featuring “synthetic play mounds and a new outdoor parklet”.

From the project web page:

The Cypress Corner Mini Plaza project is a public private partnership between the City of Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Downtown. The Cypress Corner Mini Plaza will enhance the public sidewalk on the west side of North Main Street at Cypress Street. The intent of the plaza is to create a public gathering space in the heart of the traditional downtown area. The project will reconstruct the existing sidewalk, adding new hardscape, landscaping, arbor, lighting and seating to create a mini plaza space. Synthetic play mounds and a new outdoor parklet will also be created as part of this project.

Daily Life

Stay Calm – Active Shooter Drill Exercises at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek Sept 3rd – 6th

From an email:

On September 3rd – 6th, John Muir Health, the Walnut Creek Police Department, Concord Police Department, and Contra Costa Fire Protection District, will be conducting a series of Active Shooter Drills. Planning for the drills has been ongoing for the past eight months with representatives of the agencies involved as part of their ongoing preparedness training exercises. There will be two simulations per day to allow for as many training opportunities as possible.

The exercises will take place on John Muir Health’s Walnut Creek Medical Center campus. There will be no impacts to patient care. The training is taking place in a building near the parking garage that is being vacated and torn down. While all involved hope this training never has to be used, the purpose of these drills is to provide first responders with an opportunity to test their response and procedures, and to ensure a coordinated effort. First responders will focus on responding to the threat, neutralizing the threat, securing the scene, conducting a secondary sweep of the area and assisting with medical aid (either evacuation or treating in place).

While we understand that there may be public interest in the drills, we need the area around the building and on La Casa Via clear for emergency vehicles and personnel to make the exercise and response as realistic as possible. We also need to keep the area clear to allow patients and visitors unimpeded access to the medical center. There will be no impacts to access or parking for residents and businesses in the area of La Casa Via and Montego Drive.

As part of the exercise, there will be loud sounds and a significant emergency response.