DLUX Puppets’ Peter Pan Jan 24th – Feb 2nd at Lesher Center in Walnut Creek

DLUX Puppets’ Peter Pan:

Lesher Center for the Arts
1601 Civic Dr, Walnut Creek
Thursday, January 24th – Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

DLUX Puppets, a nationally-recognized theater company, presents a fun new multimedia adaptation of Peter Pan! Using state of the art digitally projected scenery, high-quality life-sized puppetry, actors, and popular songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, DLUX Puppets’ adaptation will teach children,”A brain filled with fear has little space for dreams!”


Le Cheval Closing in Walnut Creek

1375 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for pointing out that the Oakland-based Vietnamese restaurant Le Cheval will be closing, probably in early February. Their Oakland location will remain open. Look for a new restaurant called Burma Unique to open here after they close.


Gymboree Closing at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The children’s clothing store Gymboree is closing at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek. Last week they declared bankruptcy for the second time and this is truly the end for the brand. The upscale children’s clothing store owned by Gymboree, Janie and Jack, located across the plaza, will remain open as they will be sold to another company according to a store employee.


Sinceretea coming to Walnut Creek

1506 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

The anticipation of the sushi roll restaurant Roll House opening in downtown Walnut Creek has been going on for a while but the latest look shows backwards progress with brown paper covering the storefront. According to an email from a reader the boba tea cafe Sinceretea will be opening here instead. Although the pending transfer of ownership sign is gone, there is a post on the Sinceretea Facebook page indicating they are coming to Walnut Creek, so stay tuned… And they offer mochi egg puffs! Check out their menu here. If this opens I think Downtown Walnut Creek will have the most number of boba cafes in its history! iTea, T4, Chalogy and Mr. Green Bubble are already here. Have I missed any?

From their website:

Here at Sinceretea, we are committed to taking our customers’ boba tea experience to the next level.

Aside from our traditional Taiwanese boba milk teas, we are proud to introduce Specialteas, modern tea cocktails. We brew our teas daily with the finest tea leaves, and combine them with other ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables and juices to create each Specialtea.

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Do you Play Fortnite?

A couple of years ago I noticed the popularity of Pokemon Go, with people wandering around staring at their phones. These days it seems like the game Fortnite is the latest craze. I know my son plays it but when I saw an SNL skit about a clueless father playing it with his son I didn’t quite understand. Until I started playing with him and my college friend and his son. It turns out it is really fun to be able to talk with each other while gaming. Even if I suck at it. When I first heard that Fortnite was a social network I thought that was crazy. Not anymore.

Do you play Fortnite?

Daily Life

New Parking Meters Spotted in Downtown Walnut Creek

Check out the new parking meters in downtown Walnut Creek. It looks like they chopped off the old ones and topped them with these new solar-charged high-tech models. They take ParkMobile mobile phone payments with Google/Apple payments “coming soon”. And they take coins as well, nice! Rates remain the same.

Out of curiosity I tried the ParkMobile mobile app once and it worked fine. I do miss the days when I could pull into a spot with time remaining that I could reuse. It felt like winning the parking lottery. Oh well.


The Jazz Room: Jim Caruso’s Cast Party with Billy Stritch at Village Theater in Danville

The Jazz Room: Jim Caruso’s Cast Party with Billy Stritch:

Village Theatre
233 Front St, Danville
Friday, January 18th, 2019

Cast Party is a wildly popular happening that has brought Broadway glitz and urbane wit to the legendary Birdland in New York City every Monday night since 2003. It is the ultimate spot to mix and mingle with show folk and the people who love them. Cast Party is a hilariously impromptu variety show/open mic where showbiz superstars and up-and-comers deliver jaw-dropping musical performances and razzle-dazzle. You just never know WHO will show up!