Glimpse of Tibet Painting Workshop at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley Nov 18th

Glimpse of Tibet Painting Workshop:

ACCI Gallery
1652 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
Sunday, November 18th, 2018
12:00 – 5:00pm | $250

This workshop teaches you how to create a Painting of a Buddha according to the principles of ancient Tibetan iconometry.

This is a great opportunity to create your own artwork to decorate your home, according to your preferred colors and the interior design of your space. The painting of a Buddha will be a combination of the Tibetan traditional method and modern free style, resulting in a uniquely beautiful Contemporary Tibetan Art piece that you will create with us.

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – How are you Coping with the Smoke?

Last weekend as I wandered around town I noticed some people wearing dust masks trying to protect themselves from the smoky environment due to Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California history. On the other hand I saw others, some walking with their children, as if it were a typical weekend shopping day. Every day since then has become progressively worse with many schools closed and events cancelled today. I came down with a cold this week but can’t tell if my coughing is from the cold or from the environment. It does seem really bad outside, right?

How are you coping with all this smoke? Do you wear a mask outside? If so, is it the recommended N95 type? Try to stay indoors more? (I read that many indoor places don’t provide much protection either!) Is this going to become more common in the future?


Tempur-Pedic coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The mattress company Tempur-Pedic is opening a showroom at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek.

From their website:

It’s Like No Other Mattress. That’s because TEMPUR® material is not typical memory foam. Our proprietary formulation changed the way the world sleeps. TEMPUR material responds to your body’s temperature, weight and shape for truly personalized comfort and support. As it conforms to your body, TEMPUR material minimizes pressure points that keep you awake. TEMPUR® material dramatically reduces motion transfer so your sleep partner’s movement won’t disturb you.


Craft Fest at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek Nov 17h

Craft Fest:

Lesher Center for the Arts
1601 Civic Dr, Walnut Creek
Saturday, November 17th, 2018
10:00am – 5:00pm | Free

Each year, Bedford Gallery brings together local, independent makers and designers producing the finest handmade crafts, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, home goods, artisanal foods, clothing, and more for a pop-up shop in the gallery. Craft Fest has become an annual tradition for Bay Area shoppers looking to find unique items and gifts.