San Francisco Map Fair at Regency Center Sept 21st – 23rd

San Francisco Map Fair:

Regency Center
1290 Sutter St, San Francisco
Friday, September 21st – Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
$10 and up

Map Fair Opens for General Admission Hours

The lecture series portion of the San Francisco Map Fair will be sponsored by the California Map Society. It will consist of three 40 minute lectures followed by a 10 minute Q & A period. The mission of the California Map Society to preserve and disseminate historical and contemporary cartography, primarily of California, for members as well as the general public.

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Are you a Vegetarian?

Yesterday we learned that the vegetarian restaurant The Lettuce Inn will be relocating within downtown Concord which got me thinking about my own meager vegetable intake. When I’m at a restaurant I try to convince myself to order a vegetarian dish. But then I see any number of meat dishes listed and I get an unbearable urge to order that instead, even if I know it will be less healthy. How can I convince myself to eat more veggies? Are you a vegetarian? If so, what made you become one? Health, environmental or something else?


What Went Wrong in Your Garden? (& How to Fix It) at Lafayette Library Sept 25th

What Went Wrong in Your Garden? (& How to Fix It):

Lafayette Library and Learning Center
3491 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette
Tuesday, September 25th, 2018
6:30 – 8:00pm | Free

This talk covers common vegetable growing problems and how to correct them. You will learn what causes tomatoes to crack, why zucchinis sometimes shrivel and die and why broccoli and cauliflower sometimes produce only tiny heads. Learn why onions often produce flowers and fail to develop good bulbs. You’ll hear about solutions to these and other vegetable crop problems and also receive suggestions for what vegetables to plant for the most reliable good results.


The Lettuce Inn Relocating around the Block in Concord

2115 Pacheco St, Concord

The vegetarian restaurant The Lettuce Inn is relocating across from Todos Santos Plaza in Concord to a new spot around the block on Pacheco St. As you can see in the photo below a new pizzeria called Islice will be opening in this location soon. Check out the Lettuce Inn menu here and find out more about The Lettuce Inn here.

From their website:

Our new location is bigger and better. We know you will love it. We have two areas for outdoor seating and finally our own restroom!!!!


Luxury Pet Fashion Boutique rororiri Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1414 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

San Francisco-based luxury pet fashion boutique rororiri is coming to downtown Walnut Creek where Consignit Couture used to be. Check out their online shop here and find out more about the founder and fashion designer here. After you’re done shopping at Neiman Marcus now you’ll be able to stroll a couple of blocks to pick up the latest in dog fashion for your pet.

From their website:

rororiri is dedicated to all our furry babies who show us unconditional love, affection, and loyalty. At rororiri, we understand that the bond between you and your dog is unique and profound. Each rororiri creation is designed to enrich your love for your furry baby. We would be honored to be a part of this journey.


Oktoberfest at Civic Park in Downtown Walnut Creek October 20th


Civic Park
1375 Civic Dr, Walnut Creek
Saturday, October 20th, 2018
11:00am – 6:00pm | Free

Join us in the biergarten or on the dance floor for another epic Oktoberfest in Walnut Creek. It’s a great place to show off your dirndl dress or don the lederhosen (not mandatory!). This free, day-long family-friendly event recreates the beloved German fall celebration.

OktoberfestWC includes live entertainment, music, dancing, arts & crafts, Bier Garden with dozens of craft beers, international music, Kinder Platz Kids Zone, gourmet food booths and over 40 vendors.

Live Entertainment Schedule:
11:00am – 12:30pm The Sons of the Soul Revivers
1:00pm – 2:00pm The Polka Dots
2:30pm – 4:00pm The Hitmen
4:30pm – 6:00pm Cut Loose


Joe & the Juice Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1507 Locust St, Walnut Creek

Edgy, Denmark-based Joe & the Juice is coming to rapidly urbanizing downtown Walnut Creek where D. Delucchi Fine Jewelry is currently located. Check out their menu here and apply for a job on their Walnut Creek page here. In addition to juices, shakes and coffee, they also offer various sandwiches and snacks. Find out more about them in this Fast Company article.


Shapes Fitness for Women Coming Soon to Park & Shop in Concord

Park & Shop, Concord

An energetic workout could be heard far and wide in the parking lot of the Park & Shop shopping center in Concord promoting the fitness gym Shapes Fitness for Women which is opening soon on the second floor of a building at the far end near Rockin Crawfish. Find out more on the Concord page here.

From their website:

Shapes® has been involved in women’s fitness for over 26 years. Our first location opened in 1990 and we have been helping women achieve their fitness goals every since. The impetus for Shapes® to open a fitness operation that was 100% focused at women was driven by the mainstream desire to live a healthy lifestyle and female fitness had been influenced by the likes of Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton, Bobby Riggs, Jane Fonda and so many others who with the development of new technology, brought health and fitness into your home.


Live.Wild.Animal Exhibition: Animals, Inside Out at Lindsay Wildlife in Walnut Creek Sept 22nd

Live.Wild.Animal Exhibition: Animals, Inside Out:

Lindsay Wildlife Experience
1931 1st Ave, Walnut Creek
Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
10:00 – 11:00am | $15

You will see and MEET a lemur, an alligator, and more!

Unleash your powers as a bone collector when you discover the hidden mysteries lying beneath the calcium of animal skulls, skeletons, and bones!

Don’t just stop with meeting exotic animals stay for the day as Lindsay truly delves into Animals Inside Out!

At Lindsay’s special day of programming we are delving INSIDE animals; What do they eat? What do their bones look like? What’s on the inside of a porcupine’s quill?

And watch Lord Richard, our turkey vulture, devour the meat off a a skull! Enjoy our afternoon Wildlife Photography which will feature real-animal X-Rays! Also learn how single use plastics get into animals but don’t get out. This special day will also host a release of Monarch Butterflies, find out what goes on Inside the chrysalis?