Kudos to Broderick in Downtown Walnut Creek for Sanitizing their Pens

1548 Bonanza St, Walnut Creek

I want to give a shout-out to Broderick in downtown Walnut Creek for having a “clean & sanitized” pens bucket in addition to a “used pens” bucket. Not to mention the Purell bottle nearby. I don’t feel that comfortable ordering takeout but would definitely order from Broderick next time I’m in the mood for takeout!

On a side note, over the weekend I phoned in a pizza order for pickup. The person at the counter wasn’t wearing a mask and gave me a pen without mentioning if it had been sanitized. There was no concern about social distancing and I got the impression he couldn’t care less about getting coronavirus or transmitting it to others. Not setting the best example for someone manning the takeout section of a restaurant.

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Do you Plan on Wearing a Mask?

Photo by Flickr user spaztacular

Up until just recently, the official C.D.C. policy has been to recommend not wearing masks as it supposedly wouldn’t actually protect people from getting coronovirus, and would result in more people buying masks that should be meant for healthcare providers. Well, that policy is now being reconsidered. Apparently even if it’s not an N-95 mask it will still help. You can even make your own with basic materials around the house. In addition to protecting yourself from getting the virus from others, it will also protect others from the mask wearer spreading the virus unknowingly.

As someone who wore a mask at the grocery store last week, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. This doesn’t look great for the C.D.C. who in my mind comes across as less trustworthy and will take their recommendations going forward suspiciously.

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How Many People have to Get Infected before People Follow the Shelter-at-Home Order?

As I walk around town it’s heartening to see most people following the stay-at-home order so as to preserve critical hospital capacity for those who need it. Hopefully the curve will flatten, hospital capacity will improve, rapid tests and eventually medicine to alleviate symptoms become available, followed by a vaccine in the long term.

In the meantime we also have inconsiderate people who think only of themselves as they flout the stay-at-home order and clearly marked signs indicating closures. I notice the same thing at grocery stores. Some folks are considerate and give each other plenty of space while shopping. And then there are the oblivious ones. No wonder why the United States leads the world in coronovirus infections.

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The Next Frontier in Social Distancing Covid-19 Battles – Restaurant Patios

As the weather warms up with social distancing shelter-at-home orders in effect until at least until May in the Bay Area, I have a feeling the next battle in social distancing is going to be the restaurant patio. Currently, restaurants can offer either take-out or delivery. Recently I noticed one city’s local email newsletter tout open restaurants. Some offered take-out while others offered both take-out and delivery. What surprised me were those that only indicated they were open. Surely this must be a mistake I thought. So I called a few of them up to see what the deal was.

I asked if I bought something could I eat it there. They said I could eat out by the patio if I wanted to. And there you go. They know they have patios, but instead of publicizing patio dining, they leave it as an unspoken feature.

My prediction: the first weekend with nice weather, restaurant patios are going to be semi-packed with diners eager to get out and enjoy the weather. The media will report about it, possibly with egregious video / photographic evidence. And patios will be forced to close. Just like parks, playgrounds and other outside public areas that people congregated to.

Have you noticed diners eating out at restaurant patios?

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Why do Contra Costa City and Business Leaders Not Mention that Donated N-95 Masks should be in “Unopened Containers/Boxes”

Despite Contra Costa Health Services, the largest the county government department, noting on their advisories and donations page that any N-95 mask donations must be in unopened containers/boxes”, it seems like every other day I’m getting email requests from school superintendents, police chiefs, business leaders and other government officials imploring me to, “donate any masks or gloves”.

Why are county government and business leaders encouraging people to donate any masks without checking guidance from our county government? Is the official county health department responsible for managing the coronavirus crisis being too conservative in the face of an emergency, or are local government officials being irresponsible for forwarding requests without checking county donation guidelines?

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – What are you doing to Entertain Yourselves?

As I headed out to my usual semi-deserted trail over the weekend I had a feeling it would be more crowded than usual and sure enough, the playground was packed with cars. Not seeing too many people at the park I knew they would be on the trail, and they were. Thankfully there was usually enough space when passing, and it felt good to be in the fresh outdoors for a moment. During the week I may take a walk in the evening, but I’m going a little stir crazy being home all day. There are books to read, shows to watch, work to do, but this is becoming more and more mentally and physically trying as the days go by. I hope the curve starts to flatten soon, followed by new medicines we can take to help battle the virus.

What are you doing to entertain yourselves?

Daily Life

“Play Structures are Closed Until Further Notice”

Despite the “Play Structures are Closed Until Further Notice” signs popping up around playgrounds, basketball courts etc. I occasionally still notice both kids and adults failing to adhere to the social distancing order in effect around the Bay Area. The signs do help compared to before. Does anyone else still notice people congregating together?


Grocery Shopping during the Coronavirus Pandemic

When it comes to grocery shopping it’s basically impossible to maintain six feet social distancing orders. I’m glad Trader Joe’s in downtown Walnut Creek limited access to maintain space but even so I felt really uncomfortable as I browsed aisle after aisle so close to people trying to stock up on groceries. I wondered if they had the virus, and they no doubt furtively glanced at me thinking the same.

At Safeway the following day I decided to wear an N-95 mask that I had for last year’s Bay Area fires, and although it was rather uncomfortable and awkward, especially at first, the peace of mind after the trip made it worthwhile. I did notice people giving me more space which worked out well. Am I being a bit neurotic? It seemed like the majority of people were not wearing masks but were concerned, and a few people had little concern at all.

How do you find grocery shopping these days?