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Color Me Mine Closing this December at La Fiesta Square in Lafayette

La Fiesta Square, Lafayette

The painting studio Color Me Mine will be closing this December at La Fiesta Square in Lafayette. Note that their Walnut Creek location will remain open.

From an email:

Our business is very much involved in planning and takes time for people to get their things back. Also, everything painted in the Lafayette location that is not picked up will not be transferred anywhere, they will be donated or disposed of. The second week of December will be the last week we will accept painters and then the third week will be the last week to pick up items(items left at Lafayette will NOT be available anywhere else), I want to be closed before the holidays. Our Walnut Creek and various other locations will remain open, and also franchising opportunities are currently available!

Walnut Creek location will remain open:

1950 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek


Waiting for the (not Craftsman) Hammer to Drop on Concord Sears as Bankruptcy Declared

This broken sign outside Sears at the Sunvalley Valley shopping center in Concord is representative of the decline of one of the most dominant retailers of the 20th century as Sears declared bankruptcy yesterday. Although the Concord Sears is not on the list to close it’s probably only a matter of time before the hammer drops there as well. And it won’t be a Craftsman either as that iconic brand was sold last year to Stanley Black & Decker. Do you think the Concord Sears will survive? If not, how long do you expect them to last? If you’re interested to see how far they’ve fallen I encourage you to check them out and walk around a while before it’s too late. I did that over the summer and was shocked at what happened, especially to the electronics section, where TVs are no longer sold, and it looks dreary throughout.


Jade Garden Loses Lease – “To say our neighborhood is mad and getting more upset is a vast understatement”

From a reader:

Someone on the NextDoor app posted a notice that Jade Garden, located next to the ‘new’ Whole Foods on Ygnacio in Walnut Creek was being forced to close.
When WF negotiated their lease, they have a clause that states all other restaurants in the complex cannot renew their lease. Jade Garden, a part of our neighborhood for over 30 years, is being forced to move/close because Whole Foods does not want the competition. This also means the other long-term restaurants in the complex will need to close over time. These are businesses run by families that live in our community. Our neighborhood has always been good about embracing these businesses and supporting them with our patronage.

To say our neighborhood is mad and getting more upset is a vast understatement.
To my eye, this flies in the face of how WF presents itself to the public. They come across as this good neighbor, supporting local farmers/food producers and the community…but here they are putting clauses in to shut out competition and essentially ruin local businesses. It’s disgusting.

There is a WC Planning Commission meeting tomorrow to review this change (and the pending new AAA office taking the space)…Regency Partners and WF may be shocked at the turn out


Vinous Reverie Wine Merchant Opens in Walnut Creek

554 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek

In the spring we learned about a new wine shop coming to Walnut Creek called Vinous Reverie and they have now opened. They feature a selection of hand picked, reasonably priced wines from around the world and have a wine tasting area (Friday evenings and Saturdays) in front. With free parking in back this is definitely a place you should check out if you’re looking for something new to try. To celebrate their grand opening all wine is 10% off through October. Look for wine tasting events on their Facebook page here.

From their website:

While the store has many classic wines (there are plenty of Napa Cabernets, Bordeaux, and Burgundies), its true gems are to be found among its many international selections. The store boasts a variety of highly rated Rieslings – German, Alsatian, Australian and even a Spanish Riesling. There’s also an eclectic selection of Indigenous Italian varieties as well as sparkling wines from England, Austria and Tasmania. The store offers a highly curated experience within a large space, including many “value” selections, acclaimed wines at very competitive price points.

More photos of the inside after the jump… Continue Reading


La Fiesta Square Planning Expansion to Corner of Mt. Diablo Blvd. & Moraga Rd. in Lafayette

Mt. Diablo Blvd. & Moraga Rd, Lafayette

Last year we learned that Wells Fargo closed at the corner of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Moraga Rd. in downtown Lafayette and there are plans for La Fiesta Square to expand all the way from Luxe Home by Douglah Designs to this corner. With the potential for up to 30,000 sf of retail space on three levels according to the development page, I believe this will have the most visibility of all retails areas in Lafayette and look forward to finding out what opens here. What store would you most like to see?


Lovesac Opens at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The furniture store Lovesac, featuring bean bag chairs and a modular sectional couch system, opened a new showroom at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek. It’s hard to tell by looking at the photo below but the bean bag chair at right is gigantic. And that’s not even the largest size! If I had a stack burning a hole in my pocket I would definitely get this. Check out their online shop here.