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Sports Authority Closing this Spring in Downtown Walnut Creek

1675 Olympic Blvd, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone for sending word that Sports Authority (previously S.A. Elite) is closing in downtown Walnut Creek this Spring in Plaza Escuela. According to USA Today, Sports Authority, “filed for bankruptcy Wednesday, citing $1.1 billion in debt and saying that its sales had slumped after it failed to keep up with consumer trends.” Look for liquidation sales to begin soon. According to an employee working in the Walnut Creek location the store should remain open for at least two to three months.


Pressed Juicery Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

1179A Locust St, Walnut Creek

Last month we learned that Pressed Juicery would be opening where Pinkberry used to be in Plaza Escuela in downtown Walnut Creek on Locust St. and they have now opened. Intriguingly, in addition to cold-pressed drinks, they also offer a frozen yogurt-esque/soft serve sorbet-esque option called FREEZE. Note that although it looks like frozen yogurt, it’s NOT frozen yogurt as it only uses the same ingredients in their cold-pressed drinks, no dairy and no added sugar. Thankfully they offer samples of any of their drinks and freeze flavors. I was doubtful about their freeze but I tried the vanilla and chocolate flavors and it was delicious! I ordered a vanilla freeze (see photo below). It comes with two toppings. I tried chocolate gogi berries and blueberries which was quite refreshing. Check out their drinks menu here and here, freeze menu here and freeze toppings menu here.

It’s unfortunate they removed the outdoor seating that Pinkberry had. I thought maybe that would be added later but the server mentioned that Pressed Juicery doesn’t offer any seating by design. Maybe it’s healthier drinking/eating while standing?


Vanilla freeze:


Pinkberry Closing this Week in Downtown Walnut Creek – Pressed Juicery Coming Soon

1179A Locust St, Walnut Creek

The frozen yogurt store closings keep coming in downtown Walnut Creek as Pinkberry will be closing this week. They opened a couple of years ago next to The Cheesecake Factory in Plaza Escuela.

Replacing Pinkberry is a juice bar from Los Angeles called Pressed Juicery. Check out their juice menu here.

From their website:

Today we are California’s leading cold-pressed juicery chain, selling thousands of bottles every day in our Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. We ship our delicious juices and customizable cleanse programs nationwide, delivering the benefits of nutritious cold-pressed juice to your door. And we’re popping up in more locations every day.

Juicing has changed our lives. We do it because of how good it makes us feel – because it gives us a lift, floods our body with vital nutrients, and tastes amazing. We hope our juice inspires you and gives you the momentum you need to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life. We know it has for us.