Barnes & Noble Closes in Walnut Creek

1149 S. Main St, Walnut Creek

We knew this was happening back in June but it’s still disappointing that Barnes & Noble actually closed in downtown Walnut Creek last Thursday. This was one of my go-to stores to drop by when in downtown and as I pondered the closing outside their doors over the weekend many others were surprised as they learned it was closed for good. I guess I’ll just have to browse for books virtually from now on.

Stay tuned for Anthropologie relocating here…


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  • JB

    Very sad. I will miss this store. After a tour of the “new” Broadway Plaza, I know I have no reason to go down there anymore.

    • Elizabeth Mackey

      I always hear people that have lived in Walnut Creek , in the past, say how much it is changed through out the years. I use to brush it off and think change is good, etc. Now that I got fed up with trying to find housing in Walnut Creek and have moved a bit farther afield, I’m one of those people now. I still consider Walnut Creek my town to shop etc. but I will have to say that I have now noticed a huge difference in behavior of the general population in WC and the over all feel of the Broadway plaza area. It’s different now and not in such a great way sadly. It looks all polished up but seems to lack a little soul. I wandered down there around Christmas to shop, and it just wasn’t the same, so I decided to shop all the small businesses in Berkeley and Rockridge.
      Anthopologie has big big plans for this space, which I’m excited about! My daughter works at Anthro and they tell her that it is going to have BHLDN, their wedding shop, and all the other facets of their company! I’m so sorry to see Barnes and Noble leave 🙁 I asked them if they are still trying to relocate within WC, and the employee said yes, but who knows.

      • Mieke

        I agree!!

      • Tom Stieber

        Good point. I was there over the holidays, and it felt much more crowded and glitzy — certainly more upscale and cityish — but it was a bit without its personality. What I’d love to see is some nicer local shops going into the older part of downtown to balance that out. I don’t mind the glitz, as long as we can preserve some of the old fashioned local charm as well.

      • WC

        I’ve been living within a 20 minute walk of downtown since 1992 at 3 different places. It’s much better downtown then when I moved here. On Sundays the old downtown area was deserted in the early 90s. Where Pyramid Alehouse exists was a drugstore, Lark Creek and Peet’s didn’t exist. Either did B&N. Macy’s or Whole Foods was not here either. Consider all the improvements I’ve seen! Sure it’s more crowded and traffic exists. Name a place that has ‘places’ where no traffic exists? I do like the mix of character of the old downtown in contrast to the new shopping plaza.

        Once the landscape in the new plaza area fills in and the walkway between the shops and the parking garage (soon to be more shops) is complete it should give it a better look and lose some of the polish.

        Do I like everything there, no. Do I shop at all the shops, no. Do I think free unlimited parking is realistic, no. Can I find parking, yes but I’m not telling you where 🙂

    • Mieke

      I haven’t gone there in years!

  • Wcl

    Ive heard people blame the city for this move which is irritating as it is the LANDLORD who controls the rent. How many of those bemoaning its loss use Amazon regularly?

    • JB

      Not me, I petsonally don’t shop online. I don’t blame the city for B&N. I question/blame the City for their expenditures, all the development and traffic.

  • Tim E

    My family did both, bought/visit B&N and Amazon. They both serve purposes well and what you might or might need to find like a series of used piano music books for our kid. As far as B&N itself. Hope they find new digs nearby. It was one of our constant stop over when in downtown WC.
    Also, Yep I can see the feeling of some loss soul but also get a pretty good vibe on Locust and N. Main street east of Mt. Diablo. Heck, I believe their is an independent coffee shop a few steps down from Peets on Locust for those who are tired of countless Starbuck Chains in WC. Some better planning and you might be surprised what might come of the Honda and Ford Dealership properties. One of those dealers much be itching to sell.
    As far as WC housing. I see spots here and there on my way to shell ridge open space or the north entrance of Mt. Diablo state park that would fit modest single residential homes or at least some small to mid size stand alone starter homes. Have to admit, would be nice to see happen for those who have not been as fortunate as my wife and I when we moved into the area during housing crash. The difficult balance of course having big open single residential homes with the the old days of a quiet downtown WC and supporting a growing thriving population.

  • kittykat

    This is such a bummer! It was so sad when borders closed in Pleasant Hill. It was a ritual after movies and a huge draw to go to Pleasant Hill. Now with B&N closing in WC – this is so sad! Most of my book purchases were from B&N and NOT Amazon – partly for the very reason that I wanted to support the book store and I really love the experience of browsing in person.

    While Amazon is the culprit and I don’t like monopolies, maybe Amazon should by them and somehow blend online with benefits of stores and make it more profitable. I’m sure those genius’s can figure something out that works. Meanwhile this really sucks – virtual just not as fun as real life! 🙁

  • Julie Jepsen

    Speaking of books, anyone know what to do with five boxes of them? I know about thrift stores and libraries, but they don’t take text books.
    Last time I was in B&N most of the people there were reading magazines, and not buying them. How does a business make money?

  • over thewater

    Very sad, such a great place with a friendly atmosphere,I’ll miss it.