Massive Gym Planning to Open in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

In August we learned some scuttlebutt about Minnesota-based Life Time Fitness opening a huge new gym in the empty plot across from Macy’s in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek and according to a recently posted Design Review agenda it looks like this is going to happen! Plans are for a massive ~75,000 sf, 50 foot building. There is no mention of Life Time Fitness in the agenda but we now know a HUGE gym is planned for this spot.

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  • WC

    Interesting to watch the transformation of the shopping center. What once was mostly shops and a couple of eateries, move to shops, more eateries, fitness places (cycle studio, yoga) and now a big gym.

  • Awiseca

    Well that will help with the parking! IMO This makes no sense.

  • Michael

    Actually the notice on the light poles in the area does say Life Time Athletic, so it’s them for sure. I’m so excited for this, I hope it gets built super fast!

  • drnoodle

    Don’t undersell the ability of a luxury gym to increase foot traffic for local businesses and develop a sense of community. Walnut Creek in general could benefit from developing more of a “place people go to spend time”. Gyms and the business that position themselves around them can do that as they try to catch people pre and post workout for food or relaxing. Agree though. Parking is going to be an issue. UNLESS Walnut Creek does the best thing and closes down all roads between California and Broadway from Civic to Botelho and make the whole space a pedestrian complex. That will force developers to make sustainable parking decisions rather than patchworking solutions that don’t actually solve.

  • Downtown WC Resident

    I hope all the indoor cycling businesses find new locations & get replaced by fancy new pizza joints before then…otherwise, more empty downtown storefronts! Yaaaay!!! Have any of you experienced the traffic around the 24 Hour Fitness/Chick Fil A lot? They had to install a “no left turn” from the entrance due to the congestion. Yeeesh. And don’t most of the new apartments have their own fitness centers? Why is this even necessary?