Scuttlebutt – Life Time Fitness may be Coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

It looks like Broadway Plaza may be getting a huge new gym in the remaining spot available across from Macy’s as Minnesota-based Life Time Fitness is in advanced talks with the owner of Broadway Plaza to come to the Bay Area. One source has indicated the likely spot if this does go through to be in Broadway Plaza. Check out their offerings including yoga, indoor cycling, kickboxing, pilates and more here. Stay tuned…

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  • Michael

    This would be GREAT! Just hope they stay open late, especially on weekends.

  • Randy C

    There goes the neighborhood , Just look at the problems with 24hr gym on North Main.

  • Chris P

    that’s an odd fit for an upscale shopping center… Soulcycle, sure. Equinox or equivalent gym, yeah. But Life Time aka Global Gym?!

    • Greg

      Soul cycle is barley trying to survive in WC – that location is struggling.

      • Chris P

        Are you sure? I just went to their website to see how empty classes were and the class in an hour (9:30a) is mostly full, and the ones in the middle of the day are at least 50% — on a Monday, no less. 9 seats left for 6:30 (out of 50). 1 class is $32, so math may not be my strongest subject but that = dollars.

        • Annette Kuder

          I agree I go pretty often and the classes are always full

  • AJ Buttacavoli

    Actually Walnut Creek really needs an upscale, over the top gym that does it all! And this just might be the one! Heaven knows the other gyms in WC leave a great deal to be desired!

    • Chris P

      I agree, but from other Life Time Fitness locations, it’s the same as 24 hour fitness.

    • Greg

      You’re right! I’m surprised WC doesn’t have any upscale gyms compared to other high end cities. Why don’t we have an equinox or LA fitness – 24 hour fitness is such an embarrassment.

  • Greg

    Honestly this is great news! Life time fitness is an upscale gym! (I’ve been to the ones in New Jersey – majority of the east coast) – very nice gyms! Much better than the 24 hour fitness down the street!! Comparable to Equniox but not with the equinox prices! This would be great