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Daily Life

Sign of the Day (Sugary Drink Edition)


Spotted in Concord, the sign says, “El Azucar Muerde” (Sugar Bites):

From the first 5 Contra Costa website:

In an effort to prevent childhood obesity, First 5 Contra Costa and the Healthy and Active Before 5 collaborative have launched a hard-hitting campaign urging parents to protect their toddlers and preschoolers from sugary drinks, and serve them water instead.

As you can see from the artwork, we’re not pulling any punches with this campaign.

Daily Life

California Orders 25% Water Reduction


A couple of weeks ago I was passing by the Walgreens being developed in downtown Lafayette when I spotted this water leak right behind the fence. Although it’s hard to tell from the photo it was GUSHING water. I called EBMUD to report it so hopefully the leak was fixed.

Now we learn that California is imposing a 25% reduction in water usage. SFGATE reports that EBMUD is, “considering a drought surcharge of 25 percent on average on all users so that it can buy additional water” as well as “considering imposing excessive-use penalties on customers who consume four to six times as much water as average.”

Do you plan on reducing water usage? If so, how will do this?

Daily Life

Danger Alert Revisited – Heather Farm Park “Climbing” Hills in Walnut Creek


Last November when the Heather Farm all abilities playground opened in Walnut Creek I posted about the popularity of the “climbing” hills that were used to slide down with cardboard boxes and pointed out the danger of hitting one of the boulders placed right near the hills. Based on a recent visit it looks like a few of the boulders have been removed which should improve the safety as kids slide down.


Of all the playgrounds this is my favorite one, lots to do!