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Friday Question of the Day – What Ballot Measures/Candidates do you Support?

Photo by Flickr user Mortimer62

Considering that the election is next week I’m curious if there are any important ballot measures to look out for. Do you feel strongly about about particular candidate? You can see the Contra Costa Times recommendations here.

Dear BtCreek – Heather Farm Park Restrooms?


Dear BtCreek-

Why no restrooms at Heather Farms Parks? Restrooms are across the streets at various other establishments. In lieu of the gigantic new playground there why could they not put in restrooms for the kids?

Are there any public restrooms near the new all abilities playground in Heather Farm Park? I know the Clarke Swim Center has restrooms but they’re not public.


Free Parking and Valet Service in Downtown Walnut Creek after 5pm from Nov. 5th – Dec. 31st


From an email:

Walnut Creek Downtown (WCD) and the City of Walnut Creek are giving residents and visitors an early holiday gift: free garage parking and free valet service, and extended hours for the free downtown trolley.

Free Garage Parking
Beginning Wednesday, November 5 through Wednesday, December 31, 2014, parking will be free in the City’s 24 hour garages after 5 p.m. at the following locations:

  • 1625 Locust Street (Next to the Lesher Center)
  • 1350 Locust Street (Above Lark Creek Restaurant)
  • 1390 N. Broadway (North of Il Fornaio)

Free Valet Service
“Three for Free” offers free valet service for three hours of parking, Thursday to Saturday, 5PM to 10PM in front of the Kitchen Table store, at 1373 Locust Street. Cars parked for more than three hours will be charged a $5 flat rate.
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Pet Peeve Alert – Walnut Creek Parking Garage Malfunctioning Sign Causes Heartache for Drivers

N. Main St. & Duncan St, Walnut Creek

Take a close look at these two photos showing the electronic “Spaces available” signage at the parking garage next to Starbucks in downtown Walnut Creek on Duncan St. At top it says “45” and at bottom it says “04”. Notice the white car with door open? These photos were taken within seconds of each other. Drivers see the “45”, and pull in for an easy parking spot. They may notice a line of cars pulling out and think it a bit odd that so many people are leaving this parking garage at the same time. As they ominously head higher and higher with no open spots available it suddenly dawns on them that there will be no available spots.

This time I got lucky, very lucky and snagged the very last spot at the far end up top as a car pulled out as I contemplated turning around. Many others were not, and wasted a collectively enormous amount of time and gas thanks to this malfunctioning sign. This sign malfunctions several times per year so here’s hoping that those responsible will have it fixed permanently to help those who want to shop and dine in downtown Walnut Creek.


Walnut Creek Transit Village Parking Garage Final Review


The first phase of the Walnut Creek Transit Center at the Walnut Creek BART station is going for their final design review this evening and here are the renderings of how it will look. This is for the parking garage only; phases 2 and 3 will involve residential apartments and commercial space. Check out the renderings from over two years ago.

From the Design Review report:

Phase 1 includes a five-level multimodal center intended to provide replacement
automobile parking for BART users, a fifteen-bay bus terminal for local and regional bus routes, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and an accessible drop and ride lane. Phase 1 also includes a 2,000 square foot ground floor office intended for use the BART Police Department. The garage includes 878 parking spaces of which 850 are 1:1 replacement parking for the anticipated loss of all existing surface parking spaces at the BART Station. In addition, there are 8 spaces for the office space and 20 additional spaces…



Friday Question of the Day – Are you Worried about Ebola?

Photo by Flickr user mediciconlafrica

With news that Ebola has been spreading around the world, including the US, and John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek installing Ebola warning signs, I’ve been wondering how things are going to pan out. Are you worried that Ebola will spread to the East Bay or will this peter out over time?