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Daily Life

“Homeless taking their dogs into restaurants” – Rise in Walnut Creek Vagrancy?

Is anyone encountering more unpleasant things in Walnut Creek due to the increased growth?

A reader writes:

Has anyone complained about the significant rise in vagrancy in downtown WC – especially around the S California, Mt Diablo Blvd down to Newell block?  The council seems unprepared to acknowledge or address this and it is getting out of hand, with homeless taking their dogs into restaurants and one recently filling up a huge garbage bag of ice from the dispenser in the Habit while paying customers stood waiting?  It is impacting the lifestyle we residents pay top dollar for when choosing WC as the town to buy property and raise families.  If I wanted to live with homeless we would have bought somewhere in downtown SF . . .

Daily Life

Last Weekend of Free Parking at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Enjoy the last weekend of free parking at the Broadway Plaza parking garage in downtown Walnut Creek. There is a silver lining however. Beginning Monday, January 9th you’ll now get the first three hours free, without validation. This is really great news. Two hours is cutting it close but I could get a bite to eat and shop a bit in three hours. Nice!

From the Broadway Plaza website:

We have made an important change: The first three hours will be free – rather than the first two hours as originally planned, with no validation required. We have decided to make this change in response to the consistent, thoughtfully-presented requests from many Walnut Creek residents to expand the window of free parking once the program

Daily Life

“Anthropologie throwing away four real, gorgeous, perfectly good trees”

A reader writes:

“Call me a grinch, but I really don’t appreciate Anthropologie throwing away four real, gorgeous, perfectly good trees just because their holiday decorations needed to come down after Christmas. Luckily I went inside and asked if I could rescue them. The lady inside commented that she was shocked they weren’t already trashed and gone. This just seemed wrong to me…”

Daily Life

Walnut Creek Free Ride Buses Go Electric


I was walking by the Lesher Center in downtown Walnut Creek the other day when I happened upon a ceremony for the Walnut Creek Free Ride buses going electric. They used to be diesel. Can anyone tell me why are they called “trolleys”? They look like buses to me. Is that a gimmick?

From the County Connection electric bus page:

The electric trolley’s were built locally by Gillig and are the first electric buses to come off their line.  These trolley’s also represent another first – a partnership between Gillig, BAE(manufacturer of the electric power system) and WAVE (the manufacturer of the inductive charging station).

The new electric trolleys will replace the existing diesel trolleys that are used on the popular Route 4 Free Downtown Trolley in Walnut Creek. The City of Walnut Creek provides operating assistance for the service, allowing passengers to ride for free. The buses run between the Walnut Creek BART station, downtown Walnut Creek, and the Broadway Plaza seven days a week.


Daily Life

Thoughts on the Voting Process Yesterday


As I write this I don’t know the results of the election, but there were a couple of surprising situations I found out voting at an election poll. One is that, years ago without paying much attention, I previously registered to vote by mail which means I could not vote at the poll without filling out more paperwork to be used for a provisional ballot. (While I was filling out the paperwork numerous voters made the same mistake so I didn’t feel too bad). According to the election official I will have to register to vote again and select NOT to vote by mail if want to vote at the poll. If you check your eligibility to vote here, take note of the Permanent Vote by Mail Voter line.

Another awkward point is that there was little privacy when voting. I had expected a curtain or at least for my back to be facing a wall. But the way the table was set up, my back was facing towards the public area where people walking by could easily see my votes.

Daily Life

Remember to Vote!


Today is Election Day so please go out and vote! Check if you’re eligible to vote here and find the closest polling location here. The California propositions guide is here. “Polls Open From 7 am To 8 pm“.

Daily Life

Sign of the Day – Hillary Weiner


I was driving through Orinda on Moraga Way the other day when I spotted an election sign for Hillary Weiner, and thought maybe it was put up by Trump supporters to connect the Clinton campaign with Anthony Weiner. Then I drove by several more signs and realized there is actually someone named Hillary Weiner running for the Orinda School Board. 😯

Daily Life

Got Wilk? Sign of the Day


I thought this sign is great especially as it’s juxtaposed with the the large and predictable RE-ELECT CITY COUNCIL sign. Under the got wilk? signage it says, Vote Kevin Wilk for City Council. Spotted in downtown Walnut Creek in front of CREAM.