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Daily Life

Protests and Delays at Broadway Plaza Last Weekend in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Kiehl’s and L’Occitane en Provence were both supposed to open during the Broadway Plaza “reveal” last Friday but when I dropped by on Saturday, neither of them were open and no other new stores were open either. Despite nothing being open on the newly developed side, at the time I dropped by before lunch there was a freshly laid asphalt path from Nordstrom to the soon to be opened Lululemon on the corner of the new development. There was no barrier so I strolled by slowly checking out the new stores when all of a sudden a gigantic forklift vehicle backed up and missed me by a few feet. I caught my breath and moved on to check out the new stores opening such as Kit & Ace, Madewell and Lou & Grey. (When I came back a few hours later, the path to the newly developed side was completely closed.)

On the way to downtown Walnut Creek I noticed two familiar protest signs. Construction started a long time ago so not sure why they decided to start protesting now.


Daily Life

Heritage Walk Walnut Creek Signage Up around Downtown Walnut Creek


The next time you’re in downtown Walnut Creek check for these new Heritage Walk signs with audio commentary to 50 sites. It looks like there are still technical difficulties with the audio part as the phone number is taped over. I called and entered the landmark site number but got a message that the “stop number” was invalid. Hopefully this will be available soon.

From the Walnut Creek Historical Society website:

To continue the Centennial celebration, the Historical Society will launch a self-guided mobile-phone Downtown Heritage Walk this fall – making Walnut Creek’s history available to the entire community at any time.

The Heritage Walk will feature some 50 sites – from Botelho’s Island (now Broadway Plaza) to the Nut House (now the Lesher Center for the Arts).

Each site will be marked with prominent signage on a street lamp post (see photo) that includes facts about the site and details on how to hear the audio (cell phone) tour.

Daily Life

What in the World?! Seaweed causes Cancer?


I was browsing the food aisles at Cost Plus World Market in Walnut Creek the other day looking for a healthy snack when I encountered something so unbelievable I still can hardly believe it. I can’t say I wasn’t sorely tempted by the chocolate wafer snacks from Europe and Japanese sweets but I was determined and finally found it; a roasted Korean sesame snack called Say! Crunch. I thought it would make for a tasty snack but then I noticed the sign above:

Products containing seaweed contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

I know I’ve seen a similar sign in parking garages  million times, but seaweed causing cancer?! Is this really true?!


Daily Life

Sign Confusion at Peet’s Coffee in Orinda


Over the weekend I decided to drop by for a drink at Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Orinda on Moraga Way and as I started waiting in line I noticed this sign. A few people were waiting on the right beans side. Nobody was waiting on the left drinks side. I read it very carefully, at least three times! Then I went up the counter via the left line and asked for a drink from a woman behind the counter. She mentioned the line at right. I replied that I wanted to order a drink, not order beans. She countered that she was busy and that maybe the other customers were also ordering drinks. So I went back in the right line and asked each customer whether they were ordering beans. They all replied that they were indeed ordering beans. So back I went to the left line and told the woman behind the counter that everyone was ordering beans. Ultimately I received my drink but it was certainly awkward. Make sense?

Enjoy this Seinfeld car reservation scene:

Daily Life

Larkey Park Swim Center Closes for Renovation – Reopening Summer, 2017

2771 Buena Vista Ave, Walnut Creek

The synchronized swim club Walnut Creek Aquanuts held their final performance at Larkey Park Swim Center over the weekend. Located next to Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, the swim center will reopen in the summer of 2017 with a new $5 million dollar swim center (see details below). They are still looking for donors here.

From the Larkey Splash website:

Project Details

  • 10-lanes, square shape — Variety of swim activities including swim meets
    and synchronized swim shows
  • Varying pool depths — Advanced training, greater variety of activities
  • Shade structures — Protect swimmers and families from the sun
  • Splash playground — Water-efficient, healthy, safe water play for all youth
  • Bathhouse — Family changing rooms and restrooms open to park visitors
  • Fully accessible — Fun and fitness for everyone


Daily Life

Killer Bees Invade Reliez Valley in Lafayette

Via Google maps

SFGate is reporting that Africanized honeybees, aka killer bees, have been found in the Bay Area for the first time, specifically in Reliez Valley in Lafayette. Although the article notes that, “people should not be too concerned” and that there could be benefits since they could replace the European honeybees that are dying out, Brian Johnson, a honeybee researcher at UC Davis emphasized that, “the bees do pose danger wherever they are present.”

At the bottom of the article is a section titled, “How to get away from attacking bees”. What struck me the most was this:

Don’t jump in a swimming pool or bodies of water to get away. They have been known to wait for people to surface.

I thought I only had to worry about mountain lions and now this!?

Daily Life

Walnut Creek Police Opposes Proposed Winter Homeless Shelter – City Council Meeting this Evening to Discuss

Via Google Maps

Last week we learned about concerns over a proposed winter homeless shelter at the Armory near Civic Park and the Iron Horse Trail in downtown Walnut Creek and it turns out that the Walnut Creek police opposes the location of this shelter. Read the complete police memorandum here (click the link and then attachment 6a at right) to find out why they are “concerned that the project will negatively impact our ability to protect the community.”

This evening, Sept. 8th,  at 7pm, the city council will hold a, “special meeting to consider the Trinity Center’s request that the City enter into a license agreement with the State Military Department so Trinity Center may operate a winter nights homeless shelter at the Armory adjacent to Civic Park”.