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Concerns about Proposed Walnut Creek Homeless Shelter


From a reader:

Are you aware of the proposed homeless shelter at the Armory located at 1800 Carmel Drive in Walnut Creek?  I hope you can help raise aware of this proposal as I am shocked City leaders have not taken extra efforts to ensure the residents most impacted by the proposal were properly notified and given opportunities to voice concerns. I feel that more effort should have been made to make this proposal transparent.

I have been a resident of Walnut Creek on Carmel Drive for over 5 years…I paid a premium for my property because I felt the neighborhood was safe, and because I value the walkability of downtown.

Having reviewed the proposal on the Trinity Center website (, I have several concerns: Continue Reading

Daily Life

Poison Oak Alert – Beware!


The other day I went on a tarantula trek in Mt. Diablo State Park and in addition to seeing tarantulas and scorpions, we also learned about poison oak. I’ve heard a lot about poison oak but never definitively encountered any until our guide helpfully pointed it out. Take a good look at the above photo. That is definitely poison oak.

According to Wikipedia:

The leaves are divided into three (rarely 5, 7, or 9) leaflets, 3.5 to 10 centimeters (1.4 to 3.9 in) long, with scalloped, toothed, or lobed edges. They generally resemble the lobed leaves of a true oak, though tend to be more glossy. Leaves are typically bronze when first unfolding in February to March, bright green in the spring, yellow-green to reddish in the summer, and bright red or pink from late July to October.

Unlike tarantulas, which are harmless to humans, poison oak, “causes itching; then evolves into dermatitis with inflammation, colorless bumps, severe itching, and blistering”. So stay away from poison oak, and remember these photos to remind you what to look out for.


Daily Life

Stores in Lafayette Charging 10 Cents for Paper Bags


Lafayette has followed Walnut Creek’s lead and banned plastic bags as of last week. Paper bags are available for purchase for 10 cents. Do you support the ban for environmental reasons? Are you against the ban, if so, why?

From the City of Lafayette informational page:

Are businesses required to charge?
Select businesses are required to charge a minimum charge of $0.10 per checkout bag (compostable bags, recycled paper bags, or reusable bags) that they provide to the customer. A business may choose to charge more for carryout bags they provide. Businesses that must impose the charge include:

Grocery Stores & Markets (Chow, Diablo Foods, Open Sesame, Safeway, Trader Joes, Whole Foods)
Pharmacies (CVS, Walgreen’s Pharmacy)
Convenience Stores (7-11, Kwik Stop, Gas Stations)
Liquor Stores (Jackson’s Wines & Spirits, Wine Thieves)

What are the requirements for public eating establishments?
Starting on July 1, 2015, all public eating establishments (such as restaurants, delicatessens, cafeterias and food trucks) cannot distribute single-use plastic checkout bags to customers for their take-out food for delivery or pick-up. Customers can opt for no bag, paper bags may be provided to customer at no charge, and reusable bags can be used at the discretion of customer and restaurant. Individual paper or plastic product bags without handles may be used around containers of soups or stews to prevent spilling. Additionally, eating establishments are prohibited from utilizing Styrofoam and are required to utilize food and beverage containers that are readily compostable or recyclable.