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Alert to Parents of Young Children – Skipping Banned in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek


Over the weekend Broadway Plaza posted signs in the fountain area with their Code of Conduct. Those who “refuse to comply with the Code will be asked to leave”. One point stuck out to me as a parent of a young child. Skipping is banned in Broadway Plaza. When my kid is in a good mood, he is incapable of not skipping, so I worry. If I notice him skipping while we stroll through the Plaza, should I say to him, “junior, you’re going to have to cut out the skipping; that’s against the rules, buddy.” Or should I risk getting kicked out as he merrily skips and hops about? Oh, the humanity! :)


Protesting Sex Education at Acalanes High School in Lafayette

Photo by Flickr user akrabat

According to Walnut Creek’s Crazy in Suburbia there has been quite a controversy brewing about Planned Parenthood teaching sex education classes at Acalanes high school. Check out the complete article here. More information in this Contra Costa Times article from last month.

From the article:

At issue are two handouts parents say violate the California Education Code. One is a checklist entitled “Sex check! Are you ready for sex,” which lists physical, emotional and relationship questions to consider before having sex. Included are phrases like, “I know when my body is sexually aroused,” and “I can tell my partner what feels good.”

I wonder how Acalanes compares to Miramonte, Campolindo and other nearby high schools in terms of what is taught. Shouldn’t the curriculum be basically the same?


Macy’s Garage in Broadway Plaza Closed for Renovations beginning Today


With the holiday season having finished the Macy’s parking garage in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut creek is now closed due to the massive redevelopment going on. The new multi-level parking garage next to Nordstrom opened last month and there is complementary valet parking as well but I wonder how this will affect the parking situation in downtown Walnut Creek. I may have to scout out more free street parking further away.



Friday Question of the Day – Do you Use Nextdoor?

Photo by Flickr user arbyreed

The other day I was at a party when someone mentioned finding something next door. Then a few others chimed in about finding things on next door as well. I thought it was odd that so many people were finding useful things next door when it turns out they found it on the web site Nextdoor. Each micro-neighborhood has their own little website where neighbors can discuss things and offer things for trade etc. I signed up to see what’s going on and it does indeed look useful, but it felt strange having to enter my full name and complete address so I deactivated my account shortly after. So for today’s question of the day, do you use Nextdoor? Have you ever heard of it? Do you find it useful? Do the privacy implications concern you?