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Daily Life

Uh oh, is that what I think it is at the Broadway Plaza Parking Garage?!


The new Broadway Plaza garage behind Macy’s is looking great in downtown Walnut Creek. But has anyone noticed these boxes at the entrances? I hope that’s not what I think it is, but it sure does look like parking tolls to me. A valet parking attendant mentioned that Broadway Plaza will start charging in the new year. Anyone know what’s going on?


Daily Life

Sign of the Day


Spotted at the Walnut Creek Ike’s Love & Sandwiches shop. I thought this was curious as I have never encountered such an explanation before:

rather than secretly raise our prices, we want to be transparent with this new implementation process…

Wouldn’t raising prices be transparent? If a sandwich used to cost $9.95, and now it costs $10.45, wouldn’t that be transparent to me? After all, it’s on the menu. 🙂 This sign on the other hand…

Daily Life

Bike Lane of the Day


Check out the newish bike lane on Olympic Blvd. in Walnut Creek heading to Highway 680. The bright paint job is definitely an improvement but would you feel concerned riding between two car lanes so close?

Daily Life

Eyesore of the Day


As you drive into Moraga from Lafayette and pass by these buildings you may wonder what barracks are doing in Moraga. That would be an insult to barracks. I’ve driven by plenty of times before, never noticing this. It turns out before this month there were dozens of tall trees hiding this eyesore. This is actually the face of Campolindo High School, one of the best performing high schools in Contra Costa County.

According to this Lamorinda Weekly article, “the trees were tall but frail and drought-affected”. I’ve been to Campolindo; the Soda Aquatic Center is first-rate, as is the gym and performing arts center. I would love to know the history of Campolindo and why they felt putting these buildings up facing Moraga Rd. was a good idea. Maybe they should put up a wall and have the students paint murals every year for art projects. I’d rather look at that driving by than this. What do you think?

Daily Life

Sign of the Day (Fine Print Edition)


Last month we learned that Sports Authority was closing in downtown Walnut Creek so of course the Closing Sale sign appears outside. What I find funny about this sign is not that it states “save up to” 50% off which means the entire store could have no discount at all, but that below it says, “SOME EXCEPTIONS APPLY“.

What possible exceptions could apply to this 0% – 50% off sale!?

Shopper: The sign says up to 50% off but this is 75% off.
Cashier: That is correct, as noted on the sign, it does state: “some exceptions apply”.
Shopper: Oh, I see, thank you for clearing that up.

This doesn’t make any sense! What am I missing?