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Daily Life

Danger Alert Revisited – Heather Farm Park “Climbing” Hills in Walnut Creek


Last November when the Heather Farm all abilities playground opened in Walnut Creek I posted about the popularity of the “climbing” hills that were used to slide down with cardboard boxes and pointed out the danger of hitting one of the boulders placed right near the hills. Based on a recent visit it looks like a few of the boulders have been removed which should improve the safety as kids slide down.


Of all the playgrounds this is my favorite one, lots to do!

Daily Life

Pet Peeve of the Day – Secret Ice Cream Sizes


Over the weekend I stopped by Gelateria Naia in downtown Walnut Creek for a quick cone (I prefer their dark chocolate sorbet lately). I ordered my usual, a small, one scoop “bambino” sized sugar cone. It’s the perfect size for me. What irks me is that this size is nowhere to be seen on the menu. People in line with me had no idea about this size and happily ordered a bambino as well. The same with Smitten Ice Cream in Lafayette, no child sizes on the menu although they exist if you ask. On the other hand Lottie’s Creamery, also in downtown Walnut Creek, has a one scoop option on their menu. How hard is that?

Daily Life

New Color Scheme for Garbage Containers coming to East Bay by July


Many East Bay neighborhoods have garbage containers like in the above photo. Green for compost, brown for recycle, and blue for garbage. Considering that indoor office recycling bins are blue, Republic Services decided to switch bin colors to match the standards used around the country. The new color scheme will be:

black/gray = garbage, blue = recycle, green = compost

Residents in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Danville, Alamo, and Blackhawk should expect new containers by late March between April and July.