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Sneak Peak – Lafayette La Fiesta Square Meter Pricing

La Fiesta Square, Lafayette

Although the parking meters have still not come online at La Fiesta Square in downtown Lafayette, one set in the corner has the top part connected and the pricing shows up. According to the meter screen a spot will cost $1 per hour with a maximum of 2 hours, credit cards accepted. I wonder if La Fiesta stores will offer validated parking…


Friday Question of the Day – What do you think of the Orinda School District Kicking Out a Live-in Nanny’s Daughter from School?


On Thanksgiving news broke at Inside Bay Area about the Orinda School District kicking out a live-in nanny’s daughter for not technically residing in Orinda. A private investigator was hired by the Orinda School district who determined she resided at her grandmother’s house in Bay Point. However, the district reversed course this week and allowed her to remain at her Orinda school and today issued a statement about their decision:

Last month, the district notified the family of a student that the district’s residency requirement had not been met and that the student would not be permitted to continue attending a district school.  In late November, after correspondence with the family and the submission of additional documentation, the district determined that the residency requirements had been fulfilled.  The student remains enrolled in a district school.

How do you feel the Orinda School District acted by hiring a private investigator and initially kicking out the student? Did they go overboard or did they take the appropriate response to make sure that only local residents attend local Orinda schools?


New Scramble Crosswalks in Downtown Walnut Creek

Locust St. & Olympic Blvd, Walnut Creek

Two new “scramble” crosswalks opened recently in downtown Walnut Creek at the intersections of Olympic Blvd. / Locust St. and S. Main St. Popular in larger cities, the crosswalks are intended to, “make it easier, and safer, to get around by reducing potential conflict between pedestrians in crosswalks and vehicles making right.” according to a city press release.

From the press release:

These intersections will now have three signal cycles: one cycle just for vehicles traveling north and south, one cycle just for vehicles traveling east and west, and a third cycle just for foot traffic (pedestrians or cyclists walking their bicycles). During the third cycle, those on foot may cross in any direction, including diagonally.

I’ve tried walking across them and it’s somewhat useful although unlike larger cities with massive amounts of people crossing I would be wary of cars that may make right turns unaware that people may be approaching diagonally. Check out the sign below which was placed next to the crosswalks. “All pedestrian movements allowed only on walk“. What do you think of these new crosswalks?


Scramble crosswalk diagram:

Danger Alert – Heather Farm Park “Climbing” Hills


Yesterday I posted about the amazing new all abilities playground at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek which is one of the most versatile playgrounds I’ve seen. I’ve been to plenty of playgrounds around the world and have cringed at some elements, but they pale in comparison to one particular element of this new playground. Specifically the “climbing” hills.

From the Walnut Creek Civic Pride Foundation website:

Free-Play Climbing Hill: Also centrally located, this area has concrete ball elements, facilitating free, unstructured play for all ages.

As you can see in these photos the giant concrete spheres are placed right at the bottom of the hills, and since the hills are used less for climbing and more for sliding down using cardboard sheets there is a huge potential for someone to crash hard into these spheres. I witnessed numerous near-misses in the few minutes I spent watching my kid sliding down.

For those that have been to this playground, am I making a mountain out of a molehill?