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Friday Question of the Day – How Young is Too Young to Head a Soccer Ball?

Photo by Flickr user heisnofool

The fall kids soccer season is about to begin. Earlier this summer I read about US women soccer stars getting the word out on the dangers of children heading soccer balls with, “guidelines calling for the elimination of heading the ball by players younger than 14″ due to the potential for brain injuries. The article notes that, “many soccer organizations in the United States suggest that coaches start teaching children to head the ball only after those players turn 10″. The American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO) points out on their, Is Heading Safe, page, in bold that, “AYSO does not recommend heading below the age of ten. Coaches are not encouraged to teach or practice heading at these early ages”.

So imagine my surprise when my six year old kid comes home from soccer camp one day this summer and starts throwing the ball up in the air trying to hit it with his head. He told me that’s what they did at camp.

When I emailed the camp about their policy they replied with:

Heading is specially important because incorrect heading is not safe in the long run.
We adjust the intensity of all skills to be age-appropriate.  Heading skill is taught to the younger age by reducing the distant from where the ball is served to the player to reduce the power from the ball. This is in compliance with recommendations from all soccer organizations.

Now it turns out that the Lafayette Moraga Youth Association (LMYA) is using this soccer organization to provide, “Professional trainers [...] working directly on the field with coaches and players” and “Separate “free” skills clinics with [...] trainers”. I emailed LMYA about their soccer heading policy and did not receive a reply.

Should young kids be practicing heading soccer balls? Do other soccer organizations in this area have policies on this?

Friday Question of the Day – What is your Favorite Robin Williams Film?

Photo by Flickr user ronhenry

With the sad news this week that Robin Williams committed suicide I’ve been thinking about all the great movies he’s acted in. I first enjoyed watching Mork & Mindy on TV as a kid, and later watched some great movies he did such as Moscow on the Hudson, Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting. What is your favorite Robin Williams film?

Friday Question of the Day – Where is your Ideal Travel Destination?

Photo by Flickr user Pet_r

With word that luxury destination travel club Inspirato is opening up a retail shop in Broadway Plaza soon I’ve been thinking what places I want to visit. Right now I’d like to travel to Hawaii as I’ve never been and I think that would be a fun place to visit with my family. Not to mention recently watching the hilarious Brady Bunch episode when they visit there. Where would you like to visit most of all?

Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Bagel Spot

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Since we learned recently that Noah’s Bagels is coming to Walnut Creek, I’ve been wondering where people go for their bagels. Lafayette also has a Noah’s Bagels, downtown Walnut Creek has House of Bagels. When I’m in New York I usually go to H&H. Is it possible to find a New York quality bagel in the East Bay? Or is it something in the water that makes this an impossible task?

Friday Question of the Day – Which Mall has the Worst Parking Situation?


This week we learned that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was close to opening in the Sprouts Shopping Center in Walnut Creek which got some comments about the bad parking situation there. Two years ago, before the Habit Burger had opened I was worried about parking:

The only thing I worry about is parking. It’s already pretty full now with only Sprouts being open. When Habit Burger, Freebirds World Burrito (next to Habit), and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf open up things could get ugly parking-wise.

When I go to Sprouts I have only been able to find 30 minute parking and even then I felt lucky. What other malls or downtown areas have difficult parking?