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Christmas Tree Display at Broadway Plaza


Despite all the construction going on at Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek the Christmas has gone up at the fountain. Remember that the new South Broadway parking garage opened last weekend and there will be Black Friday giveaways and offers this Friday.

Danger Alert – Heather Farm Park “Climbing” Hills


Yesterday I posted about the amazing new all abilities playground at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek which is one of the most versatile playgrounds I’ve seen. I’ve been to plenty of playgrounds around the world and have cringed at some elements, but they pale in comparison to one particular element of this new playground. Specifically the “climbing” hills.

From the Walnut Creek Civic Pride Foundation website:

Free-Play Climbing Hill: Also centrally located, this area has concrete ball elements, facilitating free, unstructured play for all ages.

As you can see in these photos the giant concrete spheres are placed right at the bottom of the hills, and since the hills are used less for climbing and more for sliding down using cardboard sheets there is a huge potential for someone to crash hard into these spheres. I witnessed numerous near-misses in the few minutes I spent watching my kid sliding down.

For those that have been to this playground, am I making a mountain out of a molehill?


Judging Playgrounds – Heather Farm All Abilities Playground

Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek

Last month the all abilities playground opened in Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek and it is HUGE! There are so many interesting things to do here that it’s rather overwhelming when first visiting. Make sure you have a meetup spot with your kids because it is very easy to lose sight of them. There is plenty of seating on the side as well as some shaded seated areas. Check out details and features of the playground here. My favorite parts are the shakable ship that can be shaken on the outside, the climbing wall, the long slides and the periscope. Other play structures are also cool so check out the photos below to see what I mean.

One thing to beware of however, which I’ll make another post about, are the popular “climbing” hills. They should be called “sliding” hills because kids use torn-up cardboard boxes to slide down the hills. Beware of the giant concrete spheres located at the bottom of the hill. This is a potential disaster waiting to happen.


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Walnut Creek on Ice Opens in Downtown Walnut Creek

Civic Park, Walnut Creek

The temporary ice skating rink Walnut Creek on Ice has opened for their tenth season in downtown Walnut Creek in Civic Park this past weekend. Check out the schedule and pricing here. The class schedule is here. Inside, Snowflake Cafe offers your typical food and drink menu such as pizza, hot dogs, coffee, and hot chocolate. Gliders made from PVC pipe are available for $5 for 30 minutes or $10 for an hour. :) Lockers are available for $2 ($5 deposit is returned when key is returned.) Since there is no longer free street parking on Sundays finding a free spot is a harder than previous years.


Check out photos of the “cafe”, gliders, lockers and zamboni after the jump… Continue reading

Dear BtCreek – Recycling Center in/near Walnut Creek?

Photo by Flickr user benpender

Dear BtCreek-
I was surprised to see the Lawrence Way recycling center had closed September 28th. A huge disappointment to those of use who want to recycle in a timely and efficient manner. Do your readers have any recommendations?

The bottom of this Contra Costa article has available recycling options. Anyone know of any other recycling centers in or near Walnut Creek?

Dear BtCreek – Heather Farm Park Restrooms?


Dear BtCreek-

Why no restrooms at Heather Farms Parks? Restrooms are across the streets at various other establishments. In lieu of the gigantic new playground there why could they not put in restrooms for the kids?

Are there any public restrooms near the new all abilities playground in Heather Farm Park? I know the Clarke Swim Center has restrooms but they’re not public.