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Regulation of the Day (Darth Vader Edition)


Recently I decided to run in Mulholland Open Space in Moraga (which has amazing views) when I encountered this regulation:

“Animals that are under a person’s control are permitted on the paved portion of Donald Drive without a leash.”

I can understand having leash rule, I can also understanding having a no leash required rule, but I cannot for the life of me understand a no leash required but must-be-in-control rule. Can someone enlighten me? This is done for legal reasons only, right?

Veggie Alert at Downtown Walnut Creek Garden

In July we learned about a new garden growing various fruits and vegetables in a sliver of space next to the parking lot at Civic Dr. and Locust St. in downtown Walnut Creek and as you can see in these photos the melons, orange peppers and eggplants are growing nicely. How cool is that!? I wonder if this is related to the restaurant Lettuce (visible behind the orange peppers in the photo below)?

Orange peppers:


Amphitheatre of the Day

Donald Dr, Moraga

Recently I happened to be checking out Mulholland Ridge open space in Moraga (amazing!) off Donald Dr. when I encountered the Cindy Waxman Trail. Peeking inside I noticed a semi-hidden amphitheatre. Anyone know if this is actually used?

According to the Moraga Parks Trail Guidebook:

On the other (uphill) side of the parking area is the start of the well-marked Cindy Waxman trail. That natural trail takes you up the hill through eucalyptus, oak and pine trees for about a quarter mile. It connects to Donald Drive at a gate. You can walk through the gate, turn left, and go up Donald Drive to Mulholland Ridge for a longer hike.


Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Gym?


I’ve been a member of various gyms, 24 Hour Fitness, Crossfit and others and now I’ve taken the simple route and just run on my own. The indoor cycling gym Cycle Scape Fitness is opening this month in downtown Walnut Creek which sounds intriguing. What is your favorite gym and why? What’s the most important part of a gym?

La Fiesta Square getting Parking Meters in Lafayette

La Fiesta Square, Lafayette

With plenty of new and popular restaurants having opened up recently within downtown Lafayette, La Fiesta Square has decided to install parking meters in the popular parking lot. (Yes, even the 20 minute parking spots). I spoke with some La Fiesta Square store employees who aren’t aware of free validation offers which is what I would have expected. We’ll find out soon enough. One reader commented that they witnessed a parking attendant threaten someone with a ticket for going to a non-La Fiesta Square restaurant:

Just watch out for the parking attendant who monitors the lot to the right of the restaurant; it is part of La Fiesta Square, and we saw one customer get threatened with towing and tickets just because he walked toward American Kitchen and not toward Chow.

So I suppose this isn’t surprising. It’s getting so crowded that even the Lamorinda Music/Lamorinda Theatre parking lot has a “No restaurant parking” sign out front (see photo at bottom). There are free parking spaces if you drive past La Fiesta Square until the road turns into Hough Ave. Thanks to a reader for sending word on this.


Lamorinda Music/Theatre Academy parking lot:

Progress on All Abilities Playground in Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek

Heather Farm Park

The $1.25 million dollar all abilities playground is coming along nicely in Heather Farm park across from the Clarke Memorial Swim Center in Walnut Creek. According to the Walnut Creek picnics page it will be closed through October so it should be opening in a couple of months. Check out the project costs here.

From the Walnut Creek Civic Pride site:

Walnut Creek’s All Abilities Playground will be 30,000 square
feet in size and is being designed to fully address the needs of the whole child by intentionally addressing the physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and sensory needs of all children, including the estimated 10-20 percent of our children who have some type of disability.

The new playground will have distinct play areas that will appeal to a range of ages, from toddlers to children as old as 12 years of age.
2-5-Year-Old Play Area
5-12-Year-Old Play Area
Multi-Age, All-Abilities Play Area: Centrally located between the two age-group areas, this area has a large multi-element ramped structure
Free-Play Climbing Hill: Also centrally located, this area will have concrete ball elements, facilitating free, unstructured play for all ages
Sand Play Lot
Swing Set Zone, featuring both traditional swings and accessible bucket swings

Check out the free-play climbing hills: