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Daily Life

Props to Northgate High Student Entrepreneurs

Props to these Northgate high students in Walnut Creek who started a company and then donated their profits to the Monument Crisis Center in Concord!

From an email:

My name is Miguel Ramos and I am a rising senior at Northgate High School. I am part of a program called Junior Achievement and along with 16 other students from Northgate and other schools in the area, we founded a start-up company called Fleece Bay, a nod to East Bay. We would hold weekly meetings at the AAA at Walnut Creek with guidance from employees of AAA and Junior Achievement. Through preorders, Fleece Bay was able to sell 75 blankets in a span of two weeks earning us a revenue over $2,000. We would spend our weekends manufacturing these blankets and delivering the blankets to our customers. We would then take part in “Junior Achievement’s Company of the Year Competition” against other companies in Northern California. We were awarded with the Best Business Plan Award and came second in the Best Commercial Award. We finally liquidated Fleece Bay in July and in August we donated all of our profits to our local charity, the Monument Crisis Center at Concord. Continue Reading

Daily Life

Be Careful about CVS Parking Lot in Downtown Walnut Creek

I was at the CVS parking lot in downtown Walnut Creek the other day checking out progress on Philz coffee shop, not paying attention to the sign in some but not all of the spots:

Private Parking
Spaces Reserved
Employee Parking Program
$30 charge
Online registration required

Be careful parking in that lot. It looks like you can get a ticket even if you were to shop at the stores located there!

Daily Life

Is it Possible to Reserve the Outdoor Amphitheater at Orchards Shopping Center in Walnut Creek?

Orchards Shopping Center, Walnut Creek

A reader asks:

I’m with a local boy scout troop and would like to know if there’s a registration or schedule for using the small amphitheater by the children’s playground.

I didn’t even realize there was an outdoor amphitheater at the Orchards shopping center, pretty cool!

Daily Life

Live Training Drill at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek Tonight

SMOKE and LOUD BANGS will be used”. 10pm – 2am

From the Walnut Creek PD:

The Walnut Creek Police Department and CC Fire Department will be conducting training at Broadway Plaza from 10pm-2am. The training area is marked and partial lane closures along Broadway, Newell, and Mt. Diablo surrounding the plaza will also be marked. Please stay away from the area during this important training.

Daily Life

Enjoying a $2 Ice Cream Cone

In a world of organic, nitrogen-churned, hand-crafted $6 ice cream cones, it’s good to know simple $2 ice cream cones are out there. On a hot summer day in Concord I really enjoyed this $2.19 chocolate fudge cone. No hiding of kid sizes like I’ve seen elsewhere. It may not be fancy-shmancy ice cream with a story, but it sure did taste good on a hot summer day… 🙂

Daily Life

Huge Fire Destroys La Finestra Ristorante, Chamber of Commerce Buildings in Downtown Lafayette

NBC Bay Area reports that a huge blaze in downtown Lafayette has destroyed the buildings housing the Chamber of Commerce, La Finestra Ristorante and other businesses. Check out the article for video of the blaze:

Damage was estimated at around $1.1 million, according to the Contra Costa County Fire Department, and the building was a “total loss.” The structure also housed a nail salon, a certified public accountant’s office and the popular La Finestra Ristorante.

Nearby apartments were evacuated because of radiant heat from the fire and propane tanks exploding at the restaurant, fire officials said.

A witness reported flames that reached between 100 and 150 feet high.

Daily Life

Now THAT’s a Street Sign!

Check out these new street signs in downtown Concord; they’re GIGANTIC! Props to whoever was responsible for getting these put up, other cities should follow suit, or at least make sure there are street signs. Sometimes I’ll be on a corner trying to figure out what’s the cross street without any visible sign, even on the other three corners. Very annoying!

Daily Life


Earlier this week we saw a great sign by Ministry of SupplyBeat the 102° Heat. The other day I was in Broadway Plaza again in sweltering heat trying to stay hydrated and alive while strolling around when I spotted this sign at True Religion: BRING THE HEAT

Now Beat the Heat make sense to me, but Bring the Heat? No thanks, I don’t want to bring it at all. Unless they mean, bring us your overheated body inside our store so we can cool you off!

Daily Life

Beat the 102° Heat

I don’t know how Ministry of Supply managed to pull this off, but as I was strolling through Broadway Plaza yesterday during 102° weather I passed this sign that says, “Beat the 102° heat”.

Was it ridiculously hot yesterday or what?!

Daily Life

WTF Sign of the Day

Thanks to a reader for sending, spotted at a realtor’s office in downtown Walnut Creek: