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Daily Life

Now THAT’s a Street Sign!

Check out these new street signs in downtown Concord; they’re GIGANTIC! Props to whoever was responsible for getting these put up, other cities should follow suit, or at least make sure there are street signs. Sometimes I’ll be on a corner trying to figure out what’s the cross street without any visible sign, even on the other three corners. Very annoying!

Daily Life


Earlier this week we saw a great sign by Ministry of SupplyBeat the 102° Heat. The other day I was in Broadway Plaza again in sweltering heat trying to stay hydrated and alive while strolling around when I spotted this sign at True Religion: BRING THE HEAT

Now Beat the Heat make sense to me, but Bring the Heat? No thanks, I don’t want to bring it at all. Unless they mean, bring us your overheated body inside our store so we can cool you off!

Daily Life

Beat the 102° Heat

I don’t know how Ministry of Supply managed to pull this off, but as I was strolling through Broadway Plaza yesterday during 102° weather I passed this sign that says, “Beat the 102° heat”.

Was it ridiculously hot yesterday or what?!

Daily Life

WTF Sign of the Day

Thanks to a reader for sending, spotted at a realtor’s office in downtown Walnut Creek:


Daily Life

Save Lafayette Trees – “Be ready for people to be upset.”

Check out for more information and sign the petition here.

From an email:

I wanted to let you know about a grassroots effort we’re undertaking to stop Lafayette’s March 27 agreement with PG&E to take down 272 trees, 216 which were formerly “protected” under state ordinance. The city is accepting $536K for meridian improvements as part of the deal.

On the site, we link to a petition which has received over 200 signatures in the first 48 hours. Our goal is to raise awareness about PG&E’s plans since they refuse to release a map of planned tree removals. We also want the city to reexamine their approach with PG&E since it would create a catastrophic impact on some neighborhoods.

Daily Life

Photos from 2017 Tax March in Downtown Walnut Creek

Although not as big as the Women’s March from earlier this year, there was plenty of honking and signs at the four corners of Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Main St. in downtown Walnut Creek this past Saturday as people participating in the Tax March demanded President Trump release his tax returns. Check out more photos of the march after the jump.

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