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Daily Life

Rinehart’s Jewelry Clock Changes Yet Again in Downtown Walnut Creek

The iconic clock in front of the former Rinehart jewelry store on N. Main St. in downtown Walnut Creek has been updated yet again. The clock originally was labeled JEWELRY as seen in this photo. In 2015 it was changed to the GELATO clock to advertise a gelato store and for a short time in 2017 it was updated yet again to become the IKOI SUSHI clock before changing back to the GELATO clock in white making it much less visible. Recently I noticed it has been changed to the Rinehart’s clock, presumably in memory of the original Rinehart store. Although a noble idea I think changing it back to the original JEWELRY text and font would be more appropriate.

Daily Life

First Seaweed, Now Granola Bars?! Cancer Warnings Run Rampant

As I was checking out the granola bar selection at Lafayette Trader Joe’s I did a double take as I noticed a cancer warning about the Peanut Butter Chewy Coated & Drizzled Granola Bars:

This product can expose you to furfuryl alcohol, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Well, you can imagine which granola bar box I chose, Chocolate Chip of course! Furfuryl alcohol? Sounds particularly dangerous to me. In addition to cancer I imagine growing fur in strange places if I eat one too many of these granola bars.

Note: Check out this warning about seaweed from a few years ago.

Daily Life

New District Signs Popping Up in Orinda

I’ve noticed new signs popping up all over Orinda including this Orinda Theatre District sign on Moraga Way. Compared to other theater districts with multiple theaters, you might wonder exactly how many theaters are located in the Orinda Theatre district. The answer is one. A movie theater. They do host concerts there.

Daily Life

San Francisco Creamery Closes over Cockroach Infestation

Thanks to a reader for pointing out this SF Gate article that shows that San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek was closed by health inspectors over a cockroach infestation. For ice cream in downtown Walnut Creek check out Lottie’s Creamery or CREAM.

From the article:

Violations found by the health inspector on February 25 — four days after the business reported their last pest control visit — include seven or more live cockroaches (and droppings) on the refrigerator gasket at the cook line, as well as others on top of a soybean oil container next to a food prep sink, near a dishwashing sink and inside a cockroach egg case on a hotel pan.

Dead cockroaches were found on the gasket of the walk-in freezer, near the water heater, on top of a soap dispenser, inside a cabinet were soda machine is stored and next to a freezer that stores ice cream cakes.

Daily Life

Urinal of the Day

I’ve been to plenty of urinals throughout my life but the urinals at the recently opened City Center Bishop Ranch shopping plaza in San Ramon are the most privacy focused, luxurious urinals I have ever seen. It’s really quite extraordinary how the dividers rise from floor to ceiling and go so far back they even have hooks to hang your bags etc. I’m surprised they didn’t add a door for even more privacy!

Daily Life

Lack of Lighting at Moraga Shopping Center “Feels Very Unsafe”

Moraga Shopping Center

I dropped by the Moraga shopping center one night where Safeway is located and it turns out the email below is spot on. Dozens of lights are out, the lights that are on are not particularly bright, and some sections don’t have adequate lighting at all. The above photo shows one section of the parking lot with non-working lights circled in yellow. Anyone know who to contact about this?

From a reader:

I am a resident of Moraga and would like to know who to contact regarding the lack of lights at the Moraga Shopping Center. It is very dangerous and I have seen too many people trip due to the lack of light, drivers finding it difficult to see people in dark clothes or small children, and it feels very unsafe. How do I contact those that own and manage the Moraga Center and ask them to take responsibility for the unsafe environment they are creating by not maintain the lights in their parking lots. Someone is going to get hurt if they have not already. The town asks us to shop and support our local businesses but not at the expense of people’s safety.