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Sign of the Day


I noticed these signs around Walnut Creek “celebrating 100 years” aka the Walnut Creek Centennial. I think they look great but the back side is empty so when you’re leaving Walnut Creek going onto Highway 24 you’re greeted with a giant empty purple sign. I think a message on the back would have been a nice touch. Something like, “thanks for stopping by” or “you’re leaving Walnut Creek”. Any other suggestions for a backside message?



Sign of the Day


I’ve driven by this sign countless times on N. Main St. in Walnut Creek and always wondered about the store named Pasta. Was this like the Pasta Shop in Rockridge? Was this some kind of specialty store selling wholesale pasta? I finally parked my car to get a closer look and it turns out to be an Italian restaurant called Pasta Primavera. The Primavera sign is at right. Now it makes perfect sense!