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Sign of the Day


Spotted at a doctor’s office in Walnut Creek, the notice says, “CELL PHONES ARE PROHIBITED IN OUR OFFICE”. I think it’s time they updated their sign to note that ‘speaking’ on your cell phone is prohibited. 🙂


Sign of the Day


Thanks to a reader for sending this in. Spotted at the Art on the Main festival in downtown Walnut Creek at a jewelry booth. The sign says, “Your Husband Just Called… He Said To Buy Anything You Want”.


Tomatina Sporting Partially New Signage


The popular Italian restaurant Tomatina is sporting failry new signage below the tomato sign:

Pasta • Piadine • Pizza

When I saw it I had no idea what piadine was, but now I know it’s Italian flatbread:

Piadina or Piada is a thin Italian flatbread, typically prepared in the Romagna region (ForlìCesena,Ravenna and Rimini). It is usually made with white flour, lard or olive oil, salt and water. The dough was traditionally cooked on a terracotta dish (called teggia in the Romagnolo dialect), although nowadays flat pans or electric griddles are commonly used.