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About Abstraction – Bay Area Women Painters Exhibit at Bedford Gallery through Dec 17th in Walnut Creek

A new exhibit at the Bedford Gallery in downtown Walnut Creek, About Abstraction – Bay Area Women Painters, is on display through December 17th.

From the exhibition page:

Political conversations have turned a renewed spotlight on women and their power and influence on every corner of society, including the arts. In the spirit of continued discovery, About Abstraction: Bay Area Women Painters celebrates 16 Bay Area women artists, emerging and established, who have worked in abstraction for years. There is no monolithic visual definition of abstraction, and this show provides a platform for a breadth of work that features precise, powerful lines, as well as gestural patterns.

While Bay Area art history is rooted in figurative art, the past few decades show us that abstract art is flourishing. The work in About Abstraction suggests a kinship with the Abstract Expressionist movement of 1940s SoHo and San Francisco, and illustrates the enduring vitality and power of nonrepresentational art for well over a century.


Sweet n Low Exhibit through August 27th at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek

A new exhibit called Sweet n Low an international show of CUTE is showing at the Bedford through August 27th in downtown Walnut Creek.

From the exhibit website:

Sweet n Low features artwork from over 120 local, national, and international artists who extend the genre of cute from cuddly and precious to creepy and ironic. From kitsch and Margaret Keane’s Big Eyes, to Japanese anime and contemporary Pop Art, we’re unleashing the roly-poly, goofily-gamboling, saccharine-honeyed creatures on this earth and beyond! Sweet n Low is part invitational and part juried exhibition, juried by Evan Pricco of Juxtapoz magazine and Antler Gallery, Portland, OR.


i heart art Studio Opens in Pleasant Hill

15 A Vivian Dr, Pleasant Hill

I recently found out about an art studio which opened late last year in Pleasant Hill called i heart art. They offer classes for kids (drawing, drama), teens (graffiti arts, henna, and more) and adults (graffiti arts, fused glass, weaving, mala and more). Check out their party and events page here, summer camps here, and open studio info here ($5 off if you walk or bike to the studio). Looks fun, especially the workshops for fused glass and graffiti!

From their website:

Co-founders Abby and Amy are moms, artists and teachers. While working together at a private school for many years, they have collaborated on building their vision for an art studio for children. They have built a network of parents over the years that have grown to love their work with children and have earned tremendous respect for their artistic knowledge and skill in developing young minds.


Press 628# “to Learn about Utility Boxes”

I’ve featured a few of the artistic wraps for utility boxes around downtown Walnut Creek but this may be my favorite. Have you ever wondered how many utility boxes there are in Walnut Creek, or maybe when the first utility box appeared? How about what utility boxes do? That’s what I was expecting when I dialed (925) 322-6427 and dutifully pressed 628#, but alas, it was information about the utility box art wrap project itself. 🙂



Sculpture of the Day

“Ursus Redivivus” by Alex Nolan and Chad Glashoff using upcycled steel mechanical parts. Spotted in front of the Orinda library.