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STIX Soft Opening Very Soon in Park ‘N’ Shop in Concord

Park ‘N’ Shop, Concord

STIX Eatery, a new restaurant featuring Southeast Asian cooking from Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam is soft opening very soon, possibly this week in the Park ‘N’ Shop center where McDonald’s used to be. Check out their menu here and check for updates on their Facebook page here. This place looks intriguing, I look forward to trying this place out! I’ve had plenty of Thai and Vietnamese food but I don’t believe I’ve ever tried Singaporean cuisine before. What are some recommended dishes to try?

From their website:

Walk through the bustling streets of many a Southeast Asian-city and you’ll find your senses bombarded by the aromas, vibrancy, and the variety of food available. Southeast Asian countries are known for their spiced-infused flavors, perfectly balanced by the use of brighter ingredients like ginger or lime. The use of chili for heat and tamarind for tartness bring a pleasant tang to the cuisine and leaves you wanting more.

The STIX Eatery menu composition: 40% skewers, 60% non-skewer deliciousness, and 100% delectable. As our name suggests, we focus heavily on grilling succulent, well-seasoned meat on sticks. However, in no way does that mean we neglect the quality of the other 60% of our cuisine. We simply want to give our customers as many options as possible–because who doesn’t like variety when it comes to food?


Rockin Crawfish Opens in Concord

1847 Willow Pass Rd, Concord

Rockin Crawfish, the Cajun restaurant from Oakland has opened a new location in Concord at the Park ‘N’ Shop in Concord. Check out their food menu here and beverage menu here. The inside has a fun, eclectic feel with records, guitars, license plates and of course artistic drawings of crawfish plastered on the walls. There is plenty of seating and large bar area throughout. Check out the photos of the inside below to get a feel for how it looks.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to New Orleans and this cuisine was so tempting that I ordered the crawfish boil ($13.99/market price).  You choose the spiciness when ordering (I chose original which, although is less than mild, still had plenty kick for me), and after a short while a pound of piping hot crawfish in a clear, plastic bag along with a bib and a plate of lemons and a salty pepper dipping powder is ready to devour. The waitress explained that most people squeeze the lemons into the powder so you can dip the crawfish. First, you remove the shell from the head and suck the juice out. Then you remove the meat from the tail, dip into the sauce, and enjoy. Nothing else is edible. Crawfish don’t have much meat but there are plenty of crawfish in the bag. I recommend getting a side of steamed rice. It’s quite a bit of work but it’s delicious and if ever there were a place to enjoy cajun cooking this is it!


More photos of the inside including the crab tank after the jump… Continue Reading


Rockin Crawfish Opening Mid March in Park ‘N’ Shop in Concord

1847 Willow Pass Rd, Concord

Oakland-based Cajun/Creole restaurant Rockin Crawfish is opening in a new location this month in the Park ‘N’ Shop on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord (right behind McDonald’s) according to their Facebook page. Check out their Oakland menu here.

From their website:

Our delicious seafood has a uniquely Cajun flavor that we know you will love. We also offer a full line of beverages including both Domestic and Imported Beers, Sake, or delicious Sakitinis served with  your choice of fruit from lychees to mango or peach. 

For starters we offer an appetizer list that is sure to have something you’re craving.  Choose from Cajun chili cheese fries or Buffalo wings to seafood gumbo or oysters on the half shell, but remember to save room for your main course!

On our menu you will find great Cajun seafood offerings including crawfish, crab, shrimp, clams and oysters, and for families we’ve included some kid friendly items as well, like chicken strips with fries. Add your choice of sides, including rice, potatoes or corn, and your dinner is complete. And dPark ‘N’ Shopon’t think we’ve forgotten about desert – you will love our fried Oreos with strawberries and ice cream.