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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

What is your Favorite Takeout Restaurant?

Restaurants are probably going to open for outdoor dining sometime next month, but in the meantime, takeout has become very popular. Over time, I’ve noticed improvements picking up food with some even taking it straight to my car after I check in from an app. Very convenient and safer. Although, lately I’ve been having food delivered straight to my house via DoorDash. Contactless delivery is the best!

What is your favorite takeout restaurant?

Question of the Day

Will you go Shopping Once Stores Start Opening Back Up?

It’s been weeks since most retail stores were last open, and while Bay Area stores won’t be opening this week, it’s obvious they’re going to eventually reopen before a vaccine becomes available. I already shop at Target trying to snag some toilet paper and sanitizing wipes, and do feel safer now that everyone is wearing masks inside the store. When I get to my car I immediately slather my hands with sanitizer, take off my mask, more sanitizer, wipe down my phone, and am on my way. I’ve gotten used to the routine by now and feel more comfortable although I know you can never let your guard down.

You may have a problem getting into Neiman Marcus, but once retail stores reopen, do you plan on going shopping for clothing, electronics etc. even though a vaccine won’t become available for a while?

Question of the Day

Are We Over-Reacting, Not Doing Enough, or doing just the Right Amount in the Battle against Covid-19?

A few days ago I mentioned how playgrounds, skate parks and basketball courts are being closed in Moraga. Finally, the volleyball nets have been removed as well. Benches and parking lots are being draped with caution tape to discourage people from congregating to help battle the Covid-19 pandemic and save lives. At the same time, businesses and people are trying to make it in a world that is slowly suffocating due to stay at home orders. It’s been over a month now and as the weather improves I’m getting antsy stuck at home for so long.

Do you feel that the various orders and rules being issued are being done thoughtfully, to provide enough time to flatten the curve until antibody and Covid-19 tests can be mass-produced? Or is this hurting the economy too much? Millions of people have become unemployed and businesses are hanging on by a thread. Or is too little being done to stop the pandemic in its tracks? After all, if everyone stayed at home for two weeks the pandemic would cease to exist.

Question of the Day

Do you Use a Bidet/Washlet?

Photo by Flickr user brownpau

Given the current difficulties in procuring toilet paper, some people are turning to Japanese style bidets or washlets. If you’ve been to Japan you’ve probably encountered these intriguing controls. I’ve been using a TOTO washlet for many years now and although at first it feels a bit odd, I wouldn’t live without one anymore. Despite using a washlet, I still use toilet paper and am having a hard time finding any at Target and elsewhere despite being told last month that there is no shortage and it’ll be restocked in a few weeks. Lesson learned.

Is anyone else having difficulties buying toilet paper? Have you switched to a bidet/washlet?

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Do you Plan on Wearing a Mask?

Photo by Flickr user spaztacular

Up until just recently, the official C.D.C. policy has been to recommend not wearing masks as it supposedly wouldn’t actually protect people from getting coronovirus, and would result in more people buying masks that should be meant for healthcare providers. Well, that policy is now being reconsidered. Apparently even if it’s not an N-95 mask it will still help. You can even make your own with basic materials around the house. In addition to protecting yourself from getting the virus from others, it will also protect others from the mask wearer spreading the virus unknowingly.

As someone who wore a mask at the grocery store last week, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. This doesn’t look great for the C.D.C. who in my mind comes across as less trustworthy and will take their recommendations going forward suspiciously.

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – What are you doing to Entertain Yourselves?

As I headed out to my usual semi-deserted trail over the weekend I had a feeling it would be more crowded than usual and sure enough, the playground was packed with cars. Not seeing too many people at the park I knew they would be on the trail, and they were. Thankfully there was usually enough space when passing, and it felt good to be in the fresh outdoors for a moment. During the week I may take a walk in the evening, but I’m going a little stir crazy being home all day. There are books to read, shows to watch, work to do, but this is becoming more and more mentally and physically trying as the days go by. I hope the curve starts to flatten soon, followed by new medicines we can take to help battle the virus.

What are you doing to entertain yourselves?

Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Do you have to Commute to Work?

Due to the recent Shelter at Home order issued by Bay Are counties I imagine most people are working from home, if they still have a job. Unemployment is skyrocketing for obvious reasons as people huddle at home waiting for the situation to clear up. Some who work at “essential” businesses such as hospitals, groceries, restaurants offering take-out etc. have no option but to go to work, sometimes by mass transit. For those that must commute, are you worried or is it so empty that it’s not hard to maintain the six foot social distancing rule?