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Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Do you Take Precautions on Spare the Air Days?

Yesterday was the fifth Spare the Air day in the Bay Area and last month was the hottest ever month recorded in California. Wildfires are causing smoky conditions in the East Bay and elsewhere; Yosemite Valley and other parts of national parks are closed making it difficult to make travel plans. I try not to run on Spare the Air days but forgot about yesterday’s alert. Was that irresponsible on my part or is it no big deal? Do you take precautions on Spare the Air days?

From the Spare the Air website:

On these Spare the Air days, we urge residents to cut back on any activities that cause pollution – such as driving, using oil-based paints, gasoline-powered lawn mowers, or household aerosol products like hair sprays.  People who are sensitive to unhealthy air are advised to limit their time outdoors, particularly in the afternoon hours.

Question of the Day

How do you Handle Bicycle Riding on Streets?

Every now and then I read about bicycle accidents; Just yesterday a bicyclist was killed on Reliez Valley Road in Lafayette after being hit by a big-rig truck. I mostly ride on trails without cars if possible although I have noticed more bike lanes out there. However, there are some roads without dedicated bicycle lanes, like winding Moraga Rd. between Lafayette and Moraga which seems rather nerve-racking.

How do you handle bicycle riding? Are there some streets you won’t ride on? Is riding on the street becoming more or less safe?

Question of the Day

Is BART getting More Dangerous?

This week there were three separate killings on BART; a stabbing at the MacArthur station in Oakland; they caught the suspect at Pleasant Hill BART station, a potential homicide at the Pleasant Hill BART station, and a fatal punch that happened at the Bay Fair BART station in San Leandro. According to the SF Chronicle BART violent crime is up 69% over the past decade.

I’ve encountered rather uncomfortable situations while riding BART myself over the years. Do you feel BART is getting more dangerous? What is the worst thing you’ve seen on BART?

Question of the Day

Are you an Apple Fan?

This week we learned that Apple will be opening in a new nearby downtown Walnut Creek location on July 28th. Considering it’s worth almost one trillion dollars with popular products like iPhones and more it’s not much of a surprise that they outgrew their previous location. As a longtime Windows user I’ve nevertheless come to appreciate my iPhone and iPad. I’m not sure this makes me an Apple fan but the quality is top notch albeit with a high price.

What Apple products do you own and do you consider yourself an Apple fan?

Question of the Day

What do you think of the Immigrant Detention Centers Popping Up around the Country?

Photo by Flickr user aaron_anderer

Yesterday it was announced that an immigrant detention center would not be coming to the former Naval Weapons Station in Concord (like in the above photo) with Congressman Mark DeSaulnier pointing out that, “housing almost 50,000 people there was both dangerous and immoral” according to this abcnews7 article.

Other ICE detention centers are popping up around the country with ensuing protests. What do you think of these detention centers? Will you be protesting against them or are they a legitimate response to illegal immigration?

Question of the Day

What Summer Movies do you Plan on Watching?

In 1975 the movie Jaws was released about a great white shark terrorizing an East Coast beach town. In August, 2018 The Meg will be released, about a giant pre-historic megalodon creature which makes the shark in Jaws look puny. Is bigger always better? On that note, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is coming out today. What movies are you looking forward to this summer?

Question of the Day

What is on your Summer Reading List?

As summer approaches, reading lists abound such as 5 books worth reading this summer as recommended by Bill Gates or 73 books to read while the sun is out from the NY Times. One of the books on the Gates list, Factfulness, can even be downloaded for free for new college graduates. As a longtime Mets and Seinfeld fan I’d like to check out I’m Keith Hernandez. What do you look forward to reading this summer?