Poke Salad ALSO coming to downtown Walnut Creek with T4

1385 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Last week it was finally confirmed that the boba cafe T4 would be coming to downtown Walnut Creek where The Candy Counter used to be but intriguingly as you can see in the above signage Poke Salad will also be opening here as well. Poke Salad opened late last year across from Todos Santos Plaza in Concord, which just so happens to be located next to another new T4 cafe. Check out their menu here.

Considering Oke Poke will also be opening in downtown Walnut Creek, it looks like we have two trends, boba + poke so having it in one spot sure is convenient for the trend-setters.

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  • ClaironCrumpet

    Interesting that all of the options are going to have something to differentiate them. Chalogy has the popcorn bar and other deserts, T4 will have this food option, and iTea has their street food selection.

    Personally I’m rooting for iTea- I tend to go to boba shops for the tea more than the sugar and toppings, and iTea brews the best I’ve had in the area. Their Takoyaki doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately, given the location- especially compared with Chalogy and T4- I don’t think they’re going to be as competitive as I’d like.

  • Michael

    I just had my first poke bowl in the city Saturday and it was AMAZING. Went to San Ramon as well and was really good. I’m SO excited this is coming here, it’s a really tasty and healthy trend!

  • OrindaSucks

    Poke Salad in Concord is very good! I wish that the T4 in the Ygnacio Shopping Center (across from Heather Farm) would add the Poke option also.

  • Danny

    Hey BTC, definitely keep up on this one for us! Gotta try it once it opens. Thanks!