Poke Salad Opens in Concord

2151 Salvio St, Concord

The new Hawaiian-style Poke restaurant Poke Salad has opened across from Todos Santos Plaza in Concord. Check out their menu here. As you can see in the above photo there are a few outdoor tables available.




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  • Nick

    As I don’t expect these poke restaurants to last long once the fad dies down, I decided to try this spot for lunch yesterday. I went with the build your own wrap option ($10.50) which is similar in size to their small salad option (also $10.50, large is $12.50). They’re largely following the Chipotle model where you can choose your proteins, toppings, etc. which include some premium options (i.e. +$1 for hamachi, avocado, etc.). It was decent, but pricey (~$12 without a drink), and I was hungry again within an hour. I typically work in downtown SF so I expect those lunch prices there, but I don’t see this as having staying power in Concord.

    Would I go again? Maybe, if I was in the right mood and wanted something light.
    Do I think it will last 2 years? Doubtful.

  • Mary Fouts

    Where does the food/fish and sea food come from? Is the sea food/fish ocean harvested, or farmed? And from where? The website has no origin information, click on the “Why Us” and “About Us” tabs and you get nothing.

    I would hope that people who are eating here care about where the seafood came and other ingredients came from, if only for the health of people consuming the ingredients.