Scuttlebutt Confirmed – T4 Opening in Downtown Walnut Creek

1385 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Earlier this year we posted scuttlebutt about how the boba cafe T4 may be coming to downtown Walnut Creek and this is now been confirmed based on a peek inside. T4 already has one cafe in Walnut Creek in Ygnacio Plaza and this will be, incredibly, the fourth boba cafe in downtown Walnut Creek in addition to Mr. Green Bubble, Chalogy, and iTea. There are now more boba cafes than ice cream shops (Lottie’s Creamery, CREAM, San Francisco Creamery) in downtown Walnut Creek!

I’m still waiting for a rice pudding cafe though…

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  • drnoodle

    Is there no oversight in community planning? When does someone say “hey guys, okay too much. Business license denied”? It’s like a game of Sim City. The people will revolt and then aliens will attack the city.

  • Downtown WC Resident

    I joked about this MONTHS ago, when another stupid, overpriced pizza place was announced as future tenant of the building monstrosity that is Lyric on California…and wow. How ’bout this – a year from now, another housing crisis, empty retail stores, and a decrease in traffic & crime!

  • Old curmudgeon

    pizza pizza pizza pizza boba boba boba boba

    • Old curmudgeon

      Unfortunately unless a store/restaurant sells alcohol or pot the city has little it can say about the commercial activity. It is supposedly left to the free market force of consumer choice.

      On the other hand a place that sells a take out decent creamy rice pudding with raisins and lots of cinnamon would be a treat.

  • Joel Villasenor

    It looks like downtown has reached peak Boba. I’d almost prefer a pot shop for some diversity.