Daily Life

Life while Quarantining

Life is strange. Massive lines at grocery stores. People wearing masks with social distancing warnings plastered around trails. If someone told you a year ago this would be the norm, how would you react? You’d think they’d be joking, right?

Question of the Day

Will you go Shopping Once Stores Start Opening Back Up?

It’s been weeks since most retail stores were last open, and while Bay Area stores won’t be opening this week, it’s obvious they’re going to eventually reopen before a vaccine becomes available. I already shop at Target trying to snag some toilet paper and sanitizing wipes, and do feel safer now that everyone is wearing masks inside the store. When I get to my car I immediately slather my hands with sanitizer, take off my mask, more sanitizer, wipe down my phone, and am on my way. I’ve gotten used to the routine by now and feel more comfortable although I know you can never let your guard down.

You may have a problem getting into Neiman Marcus, but once retail stores reopen, do you plan on going shopping for clothing, electronics etc. even though a vaccine won’t become available for a while?

Daily Life

Skate Parks Now Open around Contra Costa

This month saw the loosening of the shelter-in-place order towards outdoor activities with skate parks now allowed to operate. I dropped by a local skate park and observed about ten kids hanging out within inches of each other, none wearing face masks.

Imagine just one of these kids asymptomatically carrying the virus, spreading it to the other kids, who then go home and unknowingly spread it to their families. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks how things are going to turn out

Daily Life

More and More People Spotted in Downtown Walnut Creek – “WE’RE OPEN !!”

A new sign recently sprouted around downtown Walnut Creek exclaiming “WE’RE OPEN – Support Walnut Creek Businesses”  and it looks like thanks to the nice weather and quarantine exhaustion, more and more people are venturing out. Both Lottie’s and San Francisco Creamery had lines with people looking to get their ice cream fix outside. This is definitely the busiest I ‘ve seen downtown Walnut Creek since the quarantine began in a couple of months ago.