Amazon Books Coming to Broadway Plaza will Include Cafe

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Interesting addition about Amazon Books coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek which we found out back in January. According to this East Bay Times article, a cafe will be included in the “6,469-square-foot Amazon store”. As you can see in the photo of the recently vacated Coach store, Amazon Books will replace both the Coach store as well the the former Go! Calendars – Games – Toys store.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Fantastic to have a book store back on n the BP!

  • Clarinda

    Bel and Bunna Books are here already! Do pop in for a wonderful experience with lovely Scottish Clare.

    • Randy C

      What? Where?

      • Clarinda
        • Randy C

          The only problem with your book store it is locatated in Lafayette and not Walnut Creek.

          • Clarinda

            It’s worth travelling to!

  • over thewater