Amazon Books Coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Goodbye Barnes & Noble, hello Amazon Books! Thanks to a reader for pointing out that according to the latest permit information Amazon Books is coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, possibly where Go! Calendars – Games – Toys used to be. It’s ironic how Amazon caused so many physical bookstores to close, with Barnes & Noble closing around the corner last year; and now Amazon is the one opening a brick and mortar store. As an Amazon Prime member I look forward to checking this store out!

From the Amazon Books page:

As a physical extension of, Amazon Books integrates the benefits of offline and online shopping to help you find books and devices you’ll love. We select books based on customer ratings, pre-orders, sales, popularity on Goodreads, and our curators’ assessments. We place books face-out on the shelves, so each can communicate its own essence. Under each book is a review card with the customer rating and a review. Most have been rated 4 stars or above and many are award winners.

Amazon Books is a store without walls – there are thousands of books available in store and millions more available at Walk out of the store with a book or device; lighten your load and buy it online (Prime customers, of course, won’t pay for shipping); download a book for your Kindle; or add a product to your Amazon Wish List, so someone else can buy it.

Devices in our Echo, Kindle, Fire tablet, and Fire TV families are available to test drive and buy. Associates are on hand to answer questions and show each device in action.

Prices on all items for Amazon Prime members are the same as from For customers who aren’t Prime members, Amazon devices are the same price as from; books and other items are sold at list price.

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  • fishstix

    Hmm, you find it ironic how Amazon forced so many booksellers OUT and now look forward to checking it out? I say SUPPORT your local independents — the ones who offer storytime, who know every book in their shop, who wrap for special occasions and who happily hold special events for their customers! I, too, am a Prime member, but this is one move I won’t support. BOO!

  • I read constantly, but I try to buy digitally directly from authors or use the library when I can avoid massive resellers. The last thing downtown needs is another ultra-corporate entity, especially an Amazon “store.” But if Barnes and Noble couldn’t survive, I don’t know what chance any local indie owners would have…

  • Tim E

    Reading Anne’s comments, my first thought is Barnes & Nobles was as much of a corporate entity just as Amazon. So trading one for the other still means a book store is coming back to downtown Walnut Creek. However, my family supported Barnes & Noble w purchases whether for ourselves or gifts but also did a quite a bit of browsing, going to the coffee shop upstairs, etc. My gut feeling is Amazon will be not nearly as good as B&N.
    We also buy from multiple places including a nice kids book store on Mt. Diablo in Lafayette. Bel & Bunna’s next to/near Patxi’s pizza. It is tucked away so not as easy to find but the owner has been nice enough to keep tabs on what my son has been reading as of late and usually the latest series edition.

  • dogbertt

    I wish the Go! stores stayed open year-round.

  • drnoodle

    I have to think this is Amazon testing the market out for the grocery store they are piloting in Seattle. Will we forego an online experience for an optimized in person experience. With the Whole Food’s 360 outlet coming to Concord there seems to be a lot of “if you build it [here] they [may] come” happening for Walnut Creek/Concord.

  • momof3

    Recently walked into a B&N bookstore in El Cerrito, and instantly felt so sad it wasn’t in WC. How I miss the coziness of being among all those full bookshelves, and a coffee place, and gift ideas, and every magazine you didn’t know existed…. I didn’t want to leave!
    Call me crazy, but any bookstore is better than no bookstore. I’ll take it, Amazon.

  • Laurelle Swan

    It’s fascinating how many different kinds of books are in the world – everything from cheap paperbacks to the Gutenberg Bible! We here at Swan’s Fine Books have a wonderful selection of quality used, collectible and rare books. But we realize there are many people (myself included) that want to buy the latest best-seller, or an inexpensive reading copy of an old favourite. I had hoped that an independent bookstore would open in Walnut Creek to serve our community by offering new books, but alas, it didn’t happen. Amazon opening up a shop here will be interesting. We wish there were ten more bookstores here, the more the better – welcome, Jeff Bezos!

    • Yikes ahootie

      I *love* Swan’s Books!

      • Laurelle Swan

        Thank you!!!

    • AwsomeAnnie

      There are many independent bookstores in the area to support like Books Inc., Rakestraw in Danville, and Town Center books in Pleasanton. The advantage that these booksellers bring is that they have read many of the books they are selling, and can give you intelligent, thoughtful recommendations. However, if you want to buy a book that is truly unique, well crafted, creatively bound, beautifully illustrated, well written, a little quirky or off the beaten path – books that you will be treasure and be proud to have in your library for generations to come, go to Swan’s Books. Laurelle and Jeff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Their store has nice leather library chairs and it’s a warm, comfortable place to lose yourself in a world of books from bygone eras. I highly recommend their store as the cure to predatory stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If only there could be more stores like theirs.

  • Shoshana Smith

    I have actually been harboring hopes of opening an independent bookstore in Walnut Creek, ideally in about a year. I have high hopes about it being a great community for a children’s bookstore (that also carries grown-up books!) – admittedly, this news makes me worry a bit, but I would still love to join the Walnut Creek community. What do you think, Walnut Creekers? Would you still shop at an independent bookstore even with Amazon around the corner? Is the idea appealing?

    • Diane Hendricksen

      Go for it! The more, the merrier!