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Walnut Creek talks Broadway Plaza Expansion Tomorrow

The Contra Costa Times reports today about Broadway Plaza expansion plans:

Macerich may seek to build 200 residential units at its site. The plan may also call for the demolition of an existing 200,000 square feet of retail space, then rebuild that along with an additional 200,000 or 300,000 square feet of retail space, according to an meeting agenda report.

Macerich also seeks close off most of Broadway Plaza street to create a promenade and plaza.

I think blocking off the street through Broadway Plaza would be a smart move on their part. Hardly any auto traffic moves through there currently, and the extra space available to make it nicer for shoppers and pedestrians would improve foot traffic and time spent at nearby stores. Adding some restaurants wouldn’t be so bad either. As much as I like Nordstrom Cafe, Boudin Bakery and P.F. Chang’s, a little more diversity wouldn’t hurt.


Lafayette Reservoir Run Race

Sunday was a beautiful day for the Lafayette Reservoir Run. Note the sign trying to position runners in the appropriate positions. Elite runners at front.

Here you can see the 5K race as it was about to begin.

I’m not sure what they were selling here, but it was a great setup.

The race results can be viewed here:

10K – Age Group
10K – Overall
5K – Age Group
5K – Overall


Taqueria Mexican Grill is being Remodeled

Word on the street is the Mexican restaurant Taqueria Mexican Grill is being remodeled. Unfortunately it looks like they failed to get permits for both the awning removal and the interior. Without the green awning the building looks completely different. At first glance I thought it was a completely new building. I’m curious to see how this turns out. Da Lat, the Vietnamese restaurant next door has apparently closed.

Update: Taqueria Mexican Grill had a soft opening starting yesterday, so drop in and try one of their burritos. They moved the registers to the front, put in new countertops and flat screen TVs among other changes. According to the manager the official opening will probably be in early November as soon as the permits are approved.


Da Lat Vietnamese is Closed

The building that housed both Da Lat and Cinco de Mayo (formerly Taqueria Mexican Grill) is quite changed without the awning (more on that in another post), but word on the street is that Da Lat has closed. I’ve eaten there several times and thought it was pretty decent.

Update: I’ve confirmed that a Chinese restaurant is opening up at this location.


Halloween in Downtown Walnut Creek

In addition to the previously reported Halloween trick-or-treating at Broadway Plaza happening on Monday, October 31, there will also be trick or treating in downtown Walnut Creek on Friday, October 28 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm starting at the Lesher Center. Looks like this will be a busy Halloween for kids and their parents in Walnut Creek this year.