Sauced BBQ & Spirits Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1410 Locust St, Walnut Creek

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Pyramid Alehouse closed in downtown Walnut Creek and based on the comments in that post the rumors about Sauced BBQ & Spirits replacing Pyramid were flying and it turned out to all be true as the Livermore-based restaurant plans to open a new location at the Pyramid Alehouse spot according to SF Business Times. Check out their Livermore menu here.

Sauced recently abandoned a controversial 20% automatic service policy according to a post on their Facebook page due to, “guests hav[ing] expressed frustration and disappointment about the mandatory service fee”.

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  • WC

    Bring back some live music!

    • Steerpike

      Please no live music! Live music is usually way too loud and drowns out any hope of conversation. If they can keep it quiet, then that’s fine but fat chance of that!

      • WC

        If you sit inside you don’t have to hear it. It sounds like you never went to pyramid for music. I have and it was pleasant.

        What’s the old saying, if it’s too loud… 🙂

  • Old curmudgeon

    Millennial kibble menu.

  • Nick

    They’re good, but a bit overrated (definitely not worth the crazy waits that their Livermore location has but then again, what else are you going to do in Livermore…). With that said, they’ll probably do well due to the lack of other BBQ in downtown WC. I hadn’t been since they started doing automatic gratuity, but that 20% charge is pretty ridiculous. While the service I’ve had there has never been particularly bad, it also wasn’t that good either. If the 20% includes a cut directly going to the kitchen staff, I can somewhat understand it.

    • WC

      The announced last week they are dropping the 20% charge policy.

  • Lisa

    I have been to the Livermore and Petaluma locations – food is good and a fun place!