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Safety Issue in Downtown Walnut Creek

From an email:

I feel like a total weenie complaining about this, but tonight in downtown walnut creek my best friend and I were almost followed to our car by some creep that had been lingering around us near the little seating area near True Food Kitchen.

I noticed him skate toward us coming from the Broadway Plaza, and he saw us and was lingering near the SoulCycle doors, then came and sat next to us and oddly pulled his chair closer to us, then [my friend] said we should go, not even realizing he was creeping but just that he was staring at her – as soon as we got up, he got up too and followed us near the entrance and I slowed down before we got too far into the garage and quietly said “Is he following us” and [my friend] said yes, so we stopped walking and he immediately stopped too and realized that we noticed what he was trying to do, so he pretended like he was going to use the vending machine. Then we walked back to the seating area and some nice SoulCycle girls helped us get security to escort us to our car and by that time he had disappeared.

He was a pretty thin guy, probably around 6 foot or taller, mid to late 20s, thick brown hair kind of wavy and parted on the side, dark beady eyes, small head, large nose with a high bridge, slightly high cheek bones, thin lips and small chin, wearing black pants and a thick gray button up shirt buttoned to the top, black backpack, riding a gray longboard. He was also wearing black cloth gloves (they didn’t have a reflection of light on them like leather or faux leather would) and THAT is what especially creeped me out. If he had followed us to our car and touched anything in my car and had gotten away with it, no fingerprints!!!!! Maybe I’m just being paranoid but whatever. I didn’t feel safe. Mainly posting this so I have a written description of him before I forget. BE SAFE EVERYONE AND IF YOU FEEL LIKE SOMETHING IS WRONG, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

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