Philz Coffee Scheduled to Open Next Month in Walnut Creek

1103 S. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

Check out the Philz Coffee signage now up in Walnut Creek next to Genova Delicatessen! Inside looks almost finished and according to their Facebook page they are scheduled to, “open sometime in mid-late August.” Nice to see more cafes in the area!

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  • WC

    I hope they have some tasty beer on tap for a late afternoon treat.

    • Matt Foti

      Right!! WC needs more breweries like this.

      • WC

        Meaning like the Coffee Shop on locust. They have a couple beers on tap along with all the coffee drinks.

  • Michael

    Is it me or is this a bad location for them?

    • Hiland

      Agreed that it’s not a great location, although perhaps with such a big parking lot, it will become a new place to get work done? They are not going to get the morning commute crowd there, that’s for sure.