Capital One Cafe Opens in Walnut Creek

1139 S. Main Street, Walnut Creek

Capital One Cafe opened recently in downtown Walnut Creek where GAP used to be, next to the apple store and I dropped by to see how it compares to their San Francisco location. With a Peet’s cafe located inside (50% off drinks for Capital One card/account holders) and plenty of seating this is a great spot to socialize and get stuff done! The lighting is great, they have meeting rooms for non-profits as well as little semi-private rooms called nooks that are available to individuals. Check with an employee first before using a nook though. They even have a water-filling station available. With the ATMs you can pay your credit card there as well learn about financial services they offer. And don’t forget to walk out the back to check out the koi pond with gigantic koi fish, it’s amazing!

More photos of the inside after the jump…



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