Coffee Shop Opens Tomorrow Morning in Downtown Walnut Creek

1321 Locust St, Walnut Creek

A couple of weeks ago we saw a pre-preview of Coffee Shop in downtown Walnut Creek and they will be opening tomorrow morning at 6am according to their Facebook page:

At last, the announcement a lot of you have been (patiently) waiting for…
Coffee Shop will be open for business tomorrow morning at 6am!

Featured roasts include Stumptown, Sightglass, Four Barrel, Cafe Grumpy, JBC, Bard, George Howell and Kaldi’s. The inside looks stunning, it feels really spacious and looks like a fun place to hang. Check out more photos of the inside below including a closeup of the natural wood-grained bar seating area. Also note the stereo on the table in the photo below. I can’t wait to check this out!


New photos of the inside after the jump…




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  • ooh open at 6 am means I can stop by on my way into the office, score!

  • Nick

    Looks nice however whoever thought using a generic name like coffee shop was a good idea probably should hire a marketing consultant. I’m glad you posted the address in the post as doing a google search for ‘coffee shop walnut creek’ did not find it…

    • But once they have enough page authority then searching for the generic: coffee shop walnut creek, will show their coffee shop first so, paradoxically, it has potential. 🙂

    • Lily Queen

      I can’t even find it on Yelp…

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Looks fun!

  • I stopped by yesterday and had a Hario V60 drip coffee featuring sightglass coffee. It was REALLY good. Plus, they had sightglass, grumpy cafe, and stumptown coffee brands! Score! I will be back for sure.

    • I also tried a V60 that day as well, the person behind the counter recommended George Howell and it was delicious!

  • WC

    They server beer and cocktails also. Stopped in with a friend late one afternoon and had a Prankster Ale. Very nice. Feels like a european cafe.

  • Jack Fuller

    Chairs look kinda rough for my skinny posterior …