T4 Opens in Concord

Salvio Pacheco Square, Concord

Last September we learned that the boba cafe T4 would be coming to Todos Santos Plaza in Concord and they have now opened. According to an employee, for their grand opening all drinks will be $2.50 Monday through Wednesday. Check out their menu here.

There was some confusion because a new restaurant called Fusion Bistro is also opening on the corner and that’s still happening. T4 is located next to Fusion Bistro and in fact are connected and share bathrooms since it’s the same owner.


Progress on Veranda Shopping Center in Concord

Veranda Shopping Center, Concord

The look of the new Veranda Shopping Center in Concord next to WIllows Shopping Center is starting to take shape with the first buildings that looks similar to Spanish Colonial Revival and Mission Revival architecture. So far we know of the following shops which will be opening here:


Fusion Bistro Opening Soon across from Todos Santos Plaza in Concord

Salvio Pacheco Square, Concord

A new Asian fusion restaurant called Fusion Bistro is opening soon in Salvio Pacheco Square across from Todos Santos Plaza in Concord. This corner sport has been empty for as long as I remember so it’s good to finally see something opening up there. As you can see from the inside photo it looks finished to me. Check for updates on their Facebook page here.


Just 40 Fitness Coming to Concord

2090 Diamond Blvd, Concord

A new fitness gym called Just 40 Fitness is coming to the Concord shopping center where Buffalo Wild Wings is located on Diamond Blvd. across the street from where the new Veranda shopping center will be. They will also be opening in Pleasant Hill next to T.J. Maxx.

From their website:

No more rushing to reserve a spot at a class. There are no class times at Just 40 Fitness. A new circuit begins every 5 minutes. Come in at your convenience.

8 Stations. Multiple Exercises. We are going to keep you moving and sweating through the stations in our 40-minute circuit. Our workout changes everyday to keep you refreshed, challenged, and eager for more. Your body needs constant stimulation to avoid plateauing.


STIX Soft Opening Very Soon in Park ‘N’ Shop in Concord

Park ‘N’ Shop, Concord

STIX Eatery, a new restaurant featuring Southeast Asian cooking from Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam is soft opening very soon, possibly this week in the Park ‘N’ Shop center where McDonald’s used to be. Check out their menu here and check for updates on their Facebook page here. This place looks intriguing, I look forward to trying this place out! I’ve had plenty of Thai and Vietnamese food but I don’t believe I’ve ever tried Singaporean cuisine before. What are some recommended dishes to try?

From their website:

Walk through the bustling streets of many a Southeast Asian-city and you’ll find your senses bombarded by the aromas, vibrancy, and the variety of food available. Southeast Asian countries are known for their spiced-infused flavors, perfectly balanced by the use of brighter ingredients like ginger or lime. The use of chili for heat and tamarind for tartness bring a pleasant tang to the cuisine and leaves you wanting more.

The STIX Eatery menu composition: 40% skewers, 60% non-skewer deliciousness, and 100% delectable. As our name suggests, we focus heavily on grilling succulent, well-seasoned meat on sticks. However, in no way does that mean we neglect the quality of the other 60% of our cuisine. We simply want to give our customers as many options as possible–because who doesn’t like variety when it comes to food?


Bebe Closing in Sunvalley Shopping Center in Concord

Sunvalley Shopping Center, Concord

Last week we learned that the clothing store Kit and Ace would be closing their physical stores in the US to focus online and now another clothing store, Bebe, is doing the same. As you can see in the above photo, Bebe is closing their Sunvalley shopping center location in Concord. According to this LA Times article, Bebe is closing their stores to focus on online sales as well.

It’s hard to be a brick and mortar store in the online world we live in these days. How can you compete when there is greater selection and cheaper prices online? On the other hand, it’s great to be able to try on clothing before buying. I know some people buy different sizes, colors and styles to find the right one and return the rest but I never felt comfortable doing that. What do you think?


Art & Wine & Beer Walk at Todos Santos Plaza in Concord on May 13th

Art & Wine & Beer Walk:

Todos Santos Plaza
Saturday, May 13th, 2017
1:00 – 4:00pm | $25 ($20 in advance)

Participants will stroll around Todos Santos Plaza, Salvio Pacheco Square, and visit Downtown Concord businesses, while enjoying fine wines, craft beers, and appetizers, viewing beautiful art for sale, and meeting local artists. The Mt. Diablo Music Education Foundation All Area Music Festival will be happening at the same time in Todos Santos Plaza.

Walk starting location is at the corner of Salvio Street and Grant Street, outside of E.J. Phair Brewing Company – Concord Alehouse. At registration, you will receive a tasting glass, a hand stamp, and a map of participating locations and businesses. All locations are marked with balloons.