Lark Creek Closes in Walnut Creek

1360 Locust St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to everyone for sending word that Lark Creek has closed in downtown Walnut Creek. Although the sign said, “closed for scheduled maintenance”, and a peek inside showed they were taking inventory, alas, they were closed for good. Yankee Pier in Lafayette owned by the same group, remains open. I wonder if all the new restaurants moving into downtown affected business?

From their website:

Dear guests,

Thank you for your patronage over the years! We have decided to close our doors effective Friday, July 21. It has been our pleasure to serve and be a part of the Walnut Creek community. We truly appreciate your support.

Lark Creek Walnut Creek


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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    So sad! Lots of good memories here.mwe even had our daughters rehearsal dinner there recently😢 I’ll sure miss their famous butterscotch pudding.

    • Maureen Theresa Williams

      You can still find the pudding at Yankee Pier in Lafayette…

  • Wasn’t a huge fan, but never had a bad experience there. Should be interesting to see what happens to the space.

  • roccobiale

    Reason is quite simple….the high cost of labor. Restaurants operate on wafer thin profit margins. As long as California remains one of five states that does not allow tips to be counted as wages, closures like this will become common place. The difference in pay inside the 4 walls of a restaurant is staggering. Blame the California Legislature….

    • Old curmudgeon

      Take a way (no service cooked food) on every corner serving fast junk food. Better a taco (or other cuisine) food truck on every corner.

      Unless you can afford a $100 a plate menu.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Lark Creek removed liver and onions on the Wednesday evening menu. Lost most of my custom there.

  • Bartholomew Bodington

    Walnut Creek restaurants are luxuries for many of the people who live/work/visit there. There are so many ho-hum places at a high price tag: Maria Maria is white-washed bland Mexican, Cinco de Mayo is subpar, sushi choices are boring, China Palace is an expensive joke, Le Cheval is salty AF, I don’t even know what “The Library” is trying to be (other than empty), Saigon Vietamese Bistro provides an awkward experience…yet they remain, because Walnut Creek’s tastebuds/tastes are nill, and their pockets are seemingly deep.There are no delicious “working man” (read: affordable) hole-in-the-wall places. When a burrito costs $12-$14 from a food truck, take it as a sign. That burrito could be delicious, but if you’re paying the same as you would as for a sit down meal at lunch in Walnut Creek, well…good luck saving up for that house. And no, tips should NOT be part of a worker’s wages. In fact, if you can’t pay worker’s a living wage, you shouldn’t be trying to open a higher-end restaurant in California. Pushing tips onto the public to pay for service? Shouldn’t that be a thing of the past?

    • Gauntlet23

      Nice rant…

    • WC

      What is a living wage?

  • Toni Mayell

    So sad, it was one of the few restaurants in Walnut Creek that were always top notch and meant a great evening out. To find intimate dining anymore is a rarity.
    I will truly miss Lark Creek, so many great memories.

  • C david Jensen

    We have been coming to Lark Creek for years. Lunches and Sunday dinners. We will miss Kathy
    and the gang. Always had table 45. It is irreplaceable and no where else has the charm and the good cooking. So sad for Walnut Creek. Really disappointed in the Moana Restaurant Group.