Goodbye Lumpia – Hello Urban Alley Salads, Fries and Wings in Walnut Creek

1411 Locust St, Walnut Creek

Well, that was fast. It turns out The Lumpia Company (which replaced 310 Eatery) only lasted about a week inside the Urban Alley bar in downtown Walnut Creek. 🙁 As you can see from the food menu below Urban Alley themselves now offer salads, wings, fires and fried brussels sprouts in addition to their extensive drink selection. Check out their Facebook page here.

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  • Shar

    If you look at their Facebook and Yelp page, it appears The Lumpia Company is a pop-up so they were probably only at that location temporarily.

    • When I asked at the time he mentioned putting in new wooden tables and there was no indication that it would only be there a week. Oh well.

  • Dogbolter

    This location seems to produce nothing but a series of failed food outlets. Its probably time for these old buildings on Locust to be replaced with something attractive.

    • Downtown WC Resident

      Ooh, more blow dry bars?!

  • Old curmudgeon

    Considering the recent restaurant vacancy rate on north Locust (Lark Creek, Sunol, Chili’s, Crogans) below Bonanza, hasn’t it dawned on anyone that would be restaurant entrepreneurs are missing something in their vision of what the sub urban population of the great WC wishes to eat (other than the ubiquitous pizza and burger joints springing up all the time.) North of Bonanza (including the WCYC and the Ramen place and Babalous) the vision does not seem to have faded so badly.

    But then I am a member of the slowly sinking into senility segment of the populace who’s pockets are not lined with the lucre marketeers currently are looking for.

    • Downtown WC Resident

      As an “older Millenial,” my opinion is that “trendy” restaurants, like Sunol, are just that: a trend…and what happens to trends? They go out of style.

      Traditional restaurants, like Lark Creek or Chili’s, need to offer better fare if they’re going to compete in the biz. When was the last time you craved an “awesome blossom” (Chili’s deep-fried onion)?

      Crogans was a hellspawn pit; we needed to get rid of it years ago.

      Unfortunately, I see it as almost impossible nowadays to establish & sustain a quality place like Morruci’s or Mimi’s (Lafayette). Rent is too high, city council is too greedy. Shame.

      Old curmudgeon, consider joining me in the move up north, to OR, WA, or Canada. As a 15-year resident of downtown WC, I’ve almost had enough.

      • Old curmudgeon

        I grew up in a very damp Portland Oregon and lived for a few years in Seattle. I live a desiccated life in inland coastal California out of deep personal preference. The northern part of the west coast is worthy of an occasional visit for outstanding eclectic dining but I will not live in dankness again in this life.