310 Eatery in Walnut Creek – We’ll be Back!

Yesterday we learned that The Lumpia Company replaced 310 Eatery in downtown Walnut Creek but 310 Eatery, like the Terminator, will be back:

The 310 and it’s crew wishes to thank all of it’s fans for the very loyal support over the past twelve months as it returned the Downtown Walnut Creek area. And in this further instance, we would like for our wonderful fan base to know, we have recommenced a search for that special space in Downtown Walnut Creek where it all began for us and in doing so, we will very much look forward to relaunching with the added Progeny component alongside 310’s already “Krazy- Delish” menu – imagine, The Traffic Jam Burger and Bacon Jam Fries on the same table with “Har Gow?” Is your mouth watering already? Legitimate Hong Kong/L.A. Style Dim Sum and with what the Yelp community calls the Best Burgers of the East Bay together on the same table? Wow! Please stay tuned.

In the interim and for those that simply can’t wait for The 310’s anticipated return to Downtown Walnut Creek, you can visit with us at our current “Detour” location inside Spats in Downtown Berkeley at 1974 Shattuck Ave. (nearby University and Shattuck). See you all again soon.

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  • AJ Buttacavoli

    I have been in Walnut Creek since 1995 and if I have learned anything it is that certain locations are doomed to fail and this appears to be one of them. They have changed this place so many times it leaves my poor brain spinning! I recall talking with the bouncer some years back and he said during the day it was a restaurant and at night it was a club! Duh! Now, apparently it’s going to be a Filipino restaurant! Filipino? This cuisine is hardly the kind of chi-chi upscale food Walnut Creek seems to crave and lavishes so much money on.

    • Christopher Strebel

      What do you have against Filipino food? Asians are a huge population in the immediate area and that includes Filipino people and the children of Filipino immigrants. Many of those children grew up and live in Walnut Creek and work or run in many of the offices. Watch your mouth.

    • drnoodle

      Sunol Ridge would evidence that even those upscale places aren’t getting enough of our business. Walked past Broderick at lunch time yesterday, didn’t look fortuitous either. I have a hunch the success of businesses is not based on the type of places coming in but the larger failure of the city planning. An area with this much money and such a consolidated downtown sector shouldn’t struggle like this.

      I heard somewhere that if a problem exists and no one can figure out why you should prepare for the problem to get worse. My family is in the process of moving within the region and we do not feel comfortable considering downtown Walnut Creek as a reliable access point for leisure in years to come. We can’t assume it will be a place we want to spend time in X years.

      • WC

        Good luck finding an area. The problems exist everywhere and nobody is figuring them out. Been on the ‘freeway’ recently, how about BART, stepped over fresh urine in SF or Oakland, panhandlers in the east bay, favorite place went out of bus due to high rents and labor costs. I see the end of table seating eateries not too far off.

    • fionoodle

      If I crave upscale or more interesting fare, I normally head to Oakland or Berkeley nowadays. I don’t think Walnut Creek needs another sushi, burger, or pizza place. Seeing that places like Mixed Grain Korean and Vanessa’s is pretty busy, my guess it that locals would prefer something good, probably ethnic, somewhat family friendly and not too “high end” like it’s trying to appeal to an older, stuffier, “Walnut Creek of old” demographic.

  • Wushuron

    We could sorely use some quality Dim Sum in Walnut Creek. Not sure if a burger place is the right combo though.

  • Rachel

    miss you guys already! hope you find a new spot soon!