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Friday Question of the Day – What is your Favorite Clothing Boutique?

This week we learned that the clothing boutique Scout & Molly’s will be coming to downtown Walnut Creek, right next to another boutique, jinny. Another boutique featuring both women’s and men’s clothing is Atlas & Athena (seen in the above photo). Danville has Stone Cold Luxe and Pelican Rock. In Lafayette there’s Venture.

What’s your favorite fashion boutique?

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  • Shaun M.

    I think Pelican Rock in Danville is now closed unfortunately.

  • Mary Fouts

    None. (1) No size selection (no extra small for women, no extra larger for men), and (2) no marketing. For (3), that mannequin outfit on the woman in the photo is hideous, like a cheap knit bed sheet with a floppy hat. Oye vey.