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Friday Question of the Day – If you had the Chance, where would you Move?

Although I’m settled down now sometimes I wonder what it would be like to move somewhere new. If you had the opportunity to relocate where would you choose to live? Would you move somewhere more urban or rural? Another Bay Area city? Leave California completely? Years ago, before I moved here I considered Portland. I wonder what my life would be like had I moved there instead.

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  • J V

    There are few places in the US I’d consider relocating to, but most likely the UK, Spain, or Germany.

  • Yikes ahootie


  • Dogbolter


  • drnoodle

    1. A house in Alameda w a two car garage located less than a block from Crown Beach.

    2. A house near Marina Green in SF that includes free education for my kids’ at a good school within 1 mile of our home.

    3. Four walls and a reliable high-speed internet connection in Vernazza, IT. All other housing amenities optional.

  • Lisa Nichols

    I would love to move to London for a year. After that, I would probably come back to the Bay Area and would love to have a second home in the foothills (Amador County maybe).

  • Linda Sinnombre

    There are two houses on Alameda that have stolen my heart. I think I’d love living in either one, but I’m sure some of the side streets also have beautiful houses I haven’t yet seen. A nice Craftsman or prairie style house with a yard and garage. I have no interest in leaving the Island, but a cabin somewhere in Montana or Wyoming as a second home/getaway would be great. I love to travel but don’t want to live anywhere else.

  • dwainpmiller

    Yes,more country!No more Bay Area.