Bargain Deal of the Day

Spotted at Giggle in downtown Walnut Creek over the weekend. It says:

Bugaboo Cameleon
Now on SALE!
WAS – $979
NOW – $799
Sale only while
Supplies last.
So buy yours today!

What a bargain for a stroller!

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    I remember when the Peg Prego stroller from Italy, was all the rage when my youngest was born. I think I paid 300 for it back in 1990. $799.00 sounds scary high to me though. BUT a good stroller is worth its weight in gold!

  • over thewater

    Too trendy for me I’m afraid plus I never needed a buggy for too long as I encouraged walking with us as soon as the little uns where able…perego still make good buggies.