365 by Whole Foods + Urban Remedy + Next Level Burger Open in The Veranda in Concord

The Veranda, Concord

The other day I was able to get a preview of the IMAX movie theater in the Veranda shopping center in Concord and that is also the day that 365 by Whole Foods opened at the other end of the center. On one end is the organic food company Urban Remedy (menu here) and on the other is Oregon-based, vegan fast food restaurant Next Level Burger. Check out their menu here.

The 365 Whole Foods looks like a typical Whole Foods with pre-packaged meats and a focus on “365” items. There is a great looking vegetable/fruit section as well as a separate taqueria section towards the back. They even have a rewards program. Considering how Amazon now owns Whole Foods it’s not surprising that many aspects of the store are electronically-based, such as beer and wine info and bulk weigh (see photos after the jump).

More photos after the jump…

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  • Nick

    The move to electronic & self-service solutions isn’t entirely driven by Amazon; WFM was already moving in that direction prior to the acquisition. For example, the new YV store (completed well before the merger) has an electronic Prepared Foods and self-service Bakery & Cheese areas — areas that are typically staffed at other local WFM stores like Lafayette. It’s all about trying to drive down labor costs, and in a store like 365 that targets a lower market segment (compared to their full brand stores) they basically need to do it to be competitive. Out of curiosity, is the Meat & Fish sections entirely self-service or do they also have some counter service?

    • Interesting, makes sense. I believe it’s self-service although the butchering area is right up front next to it. Not sure if they take requests though.