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Preview of IMAX Theater at The Veranda in Concord

The Veranda, Concord

Just in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the new LUXE Cinema and IMAX theater is opening next Thursday, December 14th in the new Veranda shopping center in Concord. There will be 10 auditoriums including an 80 foot wide, 4 story tall IMAX theater. Interestingly, every seat will have full menu service and if you check out the photo of the seats after the jump you’ll see little slide-out table trays in front of each seat. There is also a full bar near the lobby with seating throughout as well as an outdoor patio. I was able to check out one of the auditoriums with a Dolby ATMOS sound system and it sounded incredible. I can’t wait to check out the IMAX theater!

More photos after the jump…

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  • Nick

    It looks great; glad to hear it also has an Atmos setup. I don’t want to know what ticket prices are going to be however…

    • Will Bomar

      $13.75 – for Atmos, reserved seating and the full service. You sit down in your seat, they bring you popcorn, drinks or whatever you want. I’d pay $3 more for that.

      • Nick

        That’s a bit better than I was expecting; even the again Metreon is over $15/ticket for regular theaters and over $21/ticket for IMAX. Do all screens there support ATMOS or does that vary?

        • Will Bomar

          IMAX will be $3 more, so $15.75 with full service, add $2 more if 3D. IMAX has their own sound, so that won’t be ATMOS. However all the other screens will have Dolby ATMOS, the only one I know of in the State…maybe country?

  • Andrew

    is this an actual IMAX screen or a LIE-MAX?