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XCVI Returns to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

It’s been a few years and now the fashion boutique XCVI has returned to Broadway Plaza near the fountain area. Previously they were here as a pop-up but I’ve been told they will be here at least a year and possibly longer.

From their website:

XCVI is about luxury, wearability, comfort. The luxury of super-soft, breathable fabrics that drape without clinging, skimming a woman’s curves, flattering her body.

The wearability of clothes that mix-and-match or work as a complete ensemble. We create clothes that can be worn every day in a thousand different ways. Clothes that feel comfortable all day long. Clothes that can be worn from day to evening, can be dressed up or down. Clothes that are versatile.


GODIVA Opens in Broadway Plaza, Soft Serve Ice Cream Available

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The Belgium chocolate shop GODIVA opened recently in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek. I didn’t realize that in addition to chocolates, they also offer soft serve ice cream. Considering that it was a hot day, and I am a fan of both soft serve ice cream, AND chocolate is my favorite flavor, I felt a gigantic urge to get a scoop. At $6 it’s not the cheapest cone I’ve had but you can choose a chocolate dipped waffle cone for no extra charge. As I licked the delicious ice cream (see below), I had alternating thoughts running through my mind… “mmm, this is SO good”, and “there must be 1000 calories in this thing, OMG, I need to join a cycling gym or go for a run”. They also offer chocolate dipped strawberries and a frequent buyer’s card, buy six soft serves or drinks, get one free.




Les Lunes Opens in Broadway Plaza

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The San Francisco-based, Paris-inspired clothing store Les Lunes, featuring clothing made from bamboo, has opened their first East Bay location in Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza next to Sur La Table. Check out their collection here.

From their website:

We spent two years designing our Signature Rayon made from Bamboo, and we continue to fine-tune it along with our knitted and woven fabrics. We chose to use fabrics made from bamboo because they are incredibly soft, have an elegant drape, and wear well. Bamboo fabrics are breathable, thermal regulating, non-irritating, and highly absorbent, wicking moisture away from the skin 4 times faster than cotton. It is long lasting, comfortable, and easier to care for than silk or wool.


Kendra Scott Coming to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The jewelry store Kendra Scott is is coming to Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek. Check out their website here.

From their Facebook page:

Designer, CEO and philanthropist, Kendra Scott started her company in 2002, with only $500 and just three months after her first son was born. Going door to door at boutiques armed with only a tea box full of her jewelry, Kendra wowed potential customers with her infectious personality and unique eye for design.

The foundation of Kendra’s success has been her innate ability to utilize natural stones and custom designed shapes, which has brought her from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar business loved globally. Kendra has created collections of timeless pieces that have won over loyal fans, media and celebrities alike.

Today, the company continues to design and operate out of Austin, TX with a focus on Family, Fashion & Philanthropy. In the past 12 months, the company donated $1M and 50,000 pieces of jewelry while working with over 1,000 local and national organizations.


True Food Kitchen Opening Oct. 18th in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The wait is almost over as health-focused True Food Kitchen will be opening in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek on October 18th. Previously there was an indication they would be opening in the summer but October is close enough! For those interested in working at True Food check out the in-person interview times after the jump. Check out their website here, where their menu will be posted eventually.

From a press release:

True Food Kitchen, famed restaurant brand from Fox Restaurant Concepts founder Sam Fox and renowned physician Dr. Andrew Weil, will celebrate its Northern California debut with the opening of two new restaurants in the Bay Area this Fall.  The brand’s Palo Alto location is set to open at the Stanford Shopping Center on October 4 followed by the Walnut Creek opening at Broadway Plaza on October 18.

Rooted in a simple set of principles known as the anti-inflammatory diet, True Food Kitchen merges nutrient-rich ingredients with a flavor-forward menu to help people achieve and maintain optimum health, without sacrificing taste. True Food Kitchen emphasizes high-quality, seasonal ingredients with simple preparations to let the freshness and flavor of the food speak for itself.  The innovative menu caters to nearly every food preference, offering a wide selection of gluten-free, naturally organic, vegetarian, and vegan options.

California continues to be a focus of growth for True Food Kitchen.  Palo Alto and Walnut Creek mark the 14 and 15 new store openings, respectively, following the September 2016 opening of True Food Kitchen in Pasadena, the brand’s fifth Southern California restaurant.

Notable mentions from the Fall menu include: Continue Reading


Amour Vert Opens in Broadway Plaza

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The women’s clothing store Amour Vert has opened in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek.

From their website:

Amour Vert means GREEN LOVE in french but it also means American Jobs, non toxic dyes, sensuous fabrics and innovative techniques and above all enduring style. Amour Vert’s specially engineered textiles and blended fabrics are crafted to be soft, flattering and long-lasting. We only use low-impact dyes and adopt a zero-waste philosophy.