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Inspirato Luxury Destination Club Coming Soon to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Back in May I noted that Juicy Couture closed in Broadway Plaza with the possibility of a travel agency opening up in its place and it turned out to be mostly true as Inspirato, a luxury destination club is opening a retail shop at this spot.

From their website:

Imagine privileged access to a growing collection of luxury vacation residences, custom experiences, VIP events, and more, hand-selected to fit almost every interest and occasion. Imagine a 
trusted advisor committed to personalizing each trip you take, to make it better than the last. Imagine the benefits of being known and recognized every time you travel. Now imagine it all in a private club that inspires you to live life’s best moments more easily and often than you ever thought possible.  We are Inspirato with American Express – welcome to a whole new world.


Papyrus Closing Today in Walnut Creek

1376 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Thanks to a reader for sending word that the stationery store Papyrus is closing today in downtown Walnut Creek. When I dropped by this weekend their remaining greeting cards were $1 with 90% off everything else. According to a store employee they will be eventually relocating to Broadway Plaza after the redevelopment is finished.

Tesla Showroom Opens in Broadway Plaza

Broadway Plaza

The Tesla Showroom that replaced the Lacoste clothing store in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek had its grand opening this weekend. Having only ever seen a Tesla on the road it was interesting to check it out in more detail. In the back of the showroom they have the bottom frame on display (see photo below). Since the batteries are underneath the car, there is space in front for a second trunk which I found fascinating. There is also an option (which you can see in the red car) to put additional rear facing seats for small kids which would make me very nervous but according to a Tesla representative the back is reinforced better. Even if you’re not in the market for a $70,000 car I still recommend checking out this showroom to see the possibilities.

tesla-walnut-creek-inside tesla-walnut-creek-inside-frame

Broadway Plaza Demolition Begins


The demolition of part of Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek has now begun as their redevelopment plan goes forward. As you can see in the above photo, the backside and side where Burberry used to be is completely gone.

The other side of Broadway Plaza is still open, as are Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Macy’s. In May Tesla will be opening a showroom, and based on some scuttlebutt Madewell and  Michael Kors plan on opening in the new section.

Tesla Showroom Opening in May in Broadway Plaza


Back in January I noted that a Tesla showroom would be opening in the former Lacoste clothing store in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek and the signage is now up preparing for a May opening. So even though half of Broadway Plaza is closed for redevelopment it’s good to see a new store especially Tesla opening up here.