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Fashion Scuttlebutt – Michael Kors Coming to Broadway Plaza


Last month I posted some scuttlebutt that Madewell would be opening in Broadway Plaza and now it looks like fashion store Michael Kors will be opening in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek as well in the new section that will reopen in a couple of years.

Edwards Luggage Signage Up in New Broadway Plaza Location


Last month Edwards Luggage reopened in a new Broadway Plaza location in downtown Walnut Creek and their outside signage is now up. Looks like they rebranded themselves as Edwards – Everything Travel which was a great decision as it better describes what their store is all about. Not just luggage. Check out their website here.

Fashion Scuttlebutt – Madewell Coming to the New Broadway Plaza


The women’s fashion clothing store Madewell, owned by J.Crew but based on an American denim label founded in 1937 , will be opening a new location in Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek when the new section opens up in the next couple of years according to a reliable source.

From the J.Crew website:

In 2006, we introduced Madewell, a modern-day interpretation of an American denim label founded in 1937. Madewell continues to bring the same original integrity to everything it makes today, including a wide range of effortlessly cool pieces to pair with denim. Step inside any Madewell store across the country and you’ll notice a friendly general-store vibe and antique décor that naturally reflect the authenticity and timelessness of the clothing. In addition to Madewell’s brick-and-mortar stores, madewell.com (launched in 2010) is a strong sales driver. Madewell has also been making a further play in the digital space with a robust social media presence.

Macy’s Junior Relocates across the Street in Broadway Plaza


Macy’s Junior, located next to Macy’s Men and the new Banana Republic in Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek has relocated across the street to the “Women’s Building”. I never realized that was considered the women’s building as I shopped for kitchen goods and luggage on the third floor many times.


A Silver Lining to the Broadway Plaza Half-Closure – Free Valet Parking


Due to the impending redevelopment of Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek resulting in the closure of many stores there for the next couple of years, Broadway Plaza has decided to offer FREE complimentary valet parking to Broadway Plaza shoppers. There will also be additional complementary valet parking on S. Main St. for Neiman Marcus customers. In case you were wondering, cars will be parked at the parking garage next to Crate and Barrel. Although the valet is complimentary, tips are appreciated.



Edwards Luggage Getting Ready to Open in New Broadway Plaza Location


Back in December I noted that Edwards Luggage would be relocating from the backside of Broadway Plaza to a new Broadway Plaza spot next to Neiman Marcus and they are very close to reopening at this new location. The old location has now closed and now every store on the backside of Broadway Plaza has closed except for Banana Republic, which will open across the street in March.