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Friday Question of the Day – Has Broadway Plaza Nicked too Many Downtown Walnut Creek Stores?

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The backside of Broadway Plaza is getting ready to open soon and we now know that the shopping center has enticed plenty of stores to leave their downtown Walnut Creek locations for the shopping center, also located in downtown:

Is this hurting downtown Walnut Creek (outside Broadway Plaza) or is it helping downtown with all the new stores opening up?


True Food Kitchen Opening this Summer in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza is finally going to get some serious dining action when a huge, 6,000 sf health-focused restaurant called True Food Kitchen opens next to Macy’s in downtown Walnut Creek. As you can see by the above photo there is a lot of work left to do but according to their website, it is expected to open in the summer.


Lululemon Reopens in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

The activewear clothing store lululemon has relocated from their downtown Walnut Creek location to Broadway Plaza and are now open. In October we learned about the metal tree design being overlayed on the storefront as as you can see in the photo above it has come to fruition, very cool looking! Check out updates on the Walnut Creek lululemon Facebook page here.

Previous downtown Walnut Creek location:


Where’s NYX Cosmetics in Broadway Plaza? (Hint, it’s not in the Former J.Crew Store)

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

As you’re strolling down Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek, you may pass by this colorful new NYX Cosmetics store with a big NYX Cosmetics sign right above the door and colorful window coverings. How many of you attempted to open the door only to find it locked? You have to read the sign carefully where it states “next to Macy’s”. Only then do you realize that a smaller, slate-colored NYX Cosmetics shop opened next to Macy’s. In fact, they opened a couple of weeks ago.


Macy’s Men’s Store Demolished in Broadway Plaza to make room for New Zara Store

Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek

Last June we learned that the Spanish clothing retailer Zara would be coming to Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek and later in the year we learned that the Macy’s Men’s store would be demolished to make room for the new Zara store. Recently the massive Macy’s Men’s building has been demolished. Click here to see what the new Zara store may look like. Looks like there will be way bigger windows to allow plenty of natural light in which is going to look great.

Daily Life

Broadway Plaza doesn’t just Like Pedestrians, they LOVE them


What do you think of these signs spotted at Broadway Plaza in downtown Walnut Creek? I would have said, “For your safety… Please use crosswalks”.

The sign actually says:

Broadway Plaza LOVES pedestrians
Please use crosswalks

Does Broadway Plaza LOVE pedestrians because they contribute to their bottom line, or do they LOVE them because they’re human beings and they don’t want them to get run over by a car?

Post a comment here changing the wording on this sign; favorite reply gets a Beyond the Creek t-shirt.