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Walnut Creek Transit Village Parking Garage Final Review


The first phase of the Walnut Creek Transit Center at the Walnut Creek BART station is going for their final design review this evening and here are the renderings of how it will look. This is for the parking garage only; phases 2 and 3 will involve residential apartments and commercial space. Check out the renderings from over two years ago.

From the Design Review report:

Phase 1 includes a five-level multimodal center intended to provide replacement
automobile parking for BART users, a fifteen-bay bus terminal for local and regional bus routes, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and an accessible drop and ride lane. Phase 1 also includes a 2,000 square foot ground floor office intended for use the BART Police Department. The garage includes 878 parking spaces of which 850 are 1:1 replacement parking for the anticipated loss of all existing surface parking spaces at the BART Station. In addition, there are 8 spaces for the office space and 20 additional spaces…



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  • Nickelodeon

    Eek. I reviewed the comments from 2 years ago and was surprised by all the positive comments about the Pleasant Hill transit center. If you ask me, it’s awful – exactly what not to do when building out these sorts of commuter hubs. There is no pedestrian/bike friendly/ public space – it’s designed solely around the large apartment buildings which dominate the landscape (and themselves are eyesores), and car ingress and egress. If we are truly looking to create a commuter center for mixed use, it needs to be human scale, with public space, cafes, groceries, etc. There’s nothing around there outside of cold and unwelcoming apartment buildings, and of course the 5 lane road. I hope WC doesn’t make the same short sighted decisions that were made in PH.

    • Good points, if I lived in a mixed-use area I’d like to be able to walk to a grocery store at least.

  • LZ

    Not to mention that nearly all of the retail space at the Pleasant Hill Center remains vacant.

  • TheRobin

    I think the PH center is a major step in the right direction in regards to housing development. The center isn’t finished yet BTW. Also, I ride my bike to that BART station almost daily and much prefer the experience now as opposed to before the center was there. As far as retail, once the rest of the units and offices are built I am sure the empty businesses will be filled.

  • WC

    Garage looks nice, if they put it up like at Broadway plaza it won’t take long.

  • tpekren

    I wonder if that is roof top solar as part of the garage? By the looks of the renderings their appears to be a slanted type canopy over the top parking spaces or at least part of the top parking area.

  • Steerpike

    If nothing else, we can be thankful it does not look anywhere near as bad as the hideous parking structure in Dublin, visible (big time!) from I-580. I even read that they gave that thing a $500,000 facelift – still double-ugly! To me, the problems are the asymmetry of the whole thing, which does not apply to the WC structures.

  • WC mom

    Can’t believe they aren’t adding ADDITIONAL PARKING. The BART lot is at commuter capacity right now. And what about the housing they are building there…does it come with its own large parking garage? Just because you live at a BART station doesn’t mean you don’t need a car. This is suburbia. It’s how you get your kids to school, to the doctor, to sports; how you buy groceries, etc. A car is pretty mandatory for the vast majority of folks who live here. Get real.
    Beyond a dry cleaners, Starbucks and fast food outlet, can’t imagine many other businesses thriving at WC BART. It’s not like we are driving there to shop!
    City gov has this idea in their heads and that’s it…wish they’d learn from the underleased PH Bart transit village. (And it isn’t a “village” by any means…).

  • WC mom

    And only allowing 8 spaces for the BART folks, but they’ll have 2,000 sq ft of office space and the station? Is that really enough?

  • WC mom

    I fear those glass-enclosed stairwells will be ridiculously hot with the WC sun shining on them. Hope the glass is tinted, or they install some fans…