Walnut Creek Transit Village Parking Garage Construction Begins

Walnut Creek BART Station

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the new Walnut Creek Transit Village at the Walnut Creek BART station. First up is a new BART parking garage. For more information on the transit village, which will feature 600 apartments plus retails shops and restaurants, click here.

From the project website:

Construction of the new parking garage at BART will begin in September 2017 featuring:

  • 900+ parking stalls- 100 more than current capacity
  • Upgraded bus facility
  • New BART police station
  • New passenger drop-off area
  • Enhanced bike and pedestrian paths
  • Artwork by Dan Corson

Prior to building the new garage, access adjustments will be made to the existing BART parking garage and the North parking lot. During this time, there will be temporary closures of access roads and entrances to the existing garage and parking lots.

The project will add 100 additional parking spaces and improve access and safety for pedestrians, cyclists and buses. There will be no loss of parking during construction.

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  • Randy C

    It will be nice to have a new and maybe improved garage. My question to the City Of Walnut Creek, Where are all the construction workers going to park their cars? Jones Rd already has about 200 cars parked (for free) every day and I dought it can handle more. Maybe park the car in the neighborhood of northgate a shuttle the crew to BART.

  • Joel Villasenor

    Excited they’re making use of the parking lots on the SE side of the station for housing.

  • Michael

    Are 100 spots really going to make that much of a difference? Or is that on top of the current garage?

  • Diane Hendricksen

    The space where they are putting the new structure is about 200 spaces. How can there be no loss of parking during construction? There was loss of parking during the earthquake retrofit. Also, how can there be only an addition of 100 spaces? Are they counting the loss of spaces that will come with the construction of the residences and retail? 100 extra spaces ARE NOT ENOUGH. Silly math.

    • Nick

      This pretty typical of BART (sadly). In past projects (e.g. the original Dublin/Pleasanton station which didn’t have a structure), they build a parking garage then sell the original parking lot space so it ends up being roughly the same total number of spaces give or take a hundred (and no benefit to commuters). Keep in mind, BART is doing this to make money, not to make their riders happy.