Update on EnRoute Opening in Avalon Apartments near Pleasant Hill BART

7001 Sunne Ln, Walnut Creek

A couple of weeks ago we learned about a new eatery called EnRoute opening in the Avalon apartment complex near the Pleasant Hill BART station and the owner contacted me with an update:

I’d like to clarify that the concept is a “reinvented” convenience store, so taking the elements of convenience food and elevating them to today…think grab and go breakfast, lunch and dinner that’s organic, local and sustainable. There will also be kid-friendly cuisine, gluten-free and vegetarian options. Coffee, craft beer, delicious wine, cheese and charcuterie along with amazing (healthful) snack selections for those of us who are constantly “EnRoute” somewhere. I like to say I’m serving “Nourishment For Life’s Journey” in a “deliciously convenient” format. (I will also have some “not so delicious” items, aka sundries.:))

I definitely plan on checking this place out. Stay tuned…

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