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The Case of the Missing Neiman Marcus Wind Fins


One of the unique parts of the Walnut Creek Neiman Marcus store was the wind fins in front which would swing back and forth with the wind. Some loved them, others hated them, but now they are gone. However, according to an employee I spoke with they were falling off so they were taken down to fix.They should be back in four months.

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  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Didn’t even notice that they were gone. I went there last weekend to get some baby shoes, with no luck, because they now have a not so great selection, and counting my daughter and myself, there were maybe 5 people in there. Wonder how they can stay open?
    I don’t want to keep harping on this, but just the fact that they have limited the items in their children’s section, says a lot. The sweet lady I talked to said that no one was buying the beautiful line of european clothing that they did carry when they opened, so they had to cut it. Now they are left with generic things you could really get anywhere. I thought this store would change the lack luster choices for children, but I guess not.
    My oldest daughter works in the fashion world, and did tell me that most likely they are surviving with private sales from rich clients, and not the walk ins. I’m very interested to see how it stands the test of time in Walnut Creek.

    • Interesting. What I’d like to know is how it compares to other locations around the US.