Blu 42 Sports Lounge Opening Today in Walnut Creek


Back in January the Walnut Creek night club Vice Ultra Lounge closed after a contentious existence culminating with a sarcastic YouTube video by owner Matt DeLima thanking the city for their ‘help’ through the years. Now, DeLima is back at the same location with a new sports (& coffee) lounge concept called Blu 42. With a full liquor license and breakfast, lunch and dinner menus available, it’s possible to enjoy the game while watching one of the numerous widescreen TVs hanging around the lounge area. Thanks to a reader for letting me know about this.

The back part of the lounge will offer dancing at the end of April. Blu 42 will be open every day until 11pm and in April they are scheduled to be open until 2am. With a full liquor license and dancing you might be tempted to call it part night club, part sports lounge but Blu 42 wants to stay away from that word so call it a dance lounge, call it a night life establishment but remember, it’s not a night club. 😉

Check out their breakfast menu (click to enlarge):

This is part of the sports lounge area:

Blu 42 is located at 1251 Arroyo Way in Walnut Creek between Civic Drive and N. Broadway.

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  • LZ

    Here comes trouble.

  • t3

    The ghetto crowd will converge once again on this place. Will be closed in due time.

  • Christina

    “it’s not a night club”.

    Funny! I met you on the street while you were taking pictures. You totally used “night club” when describing Blu 42 to me. You’re funny and eloquent. Blog on, good man.

  • Sofa king retarded

    Matt…you actually think the city will allow you to open later come April??? You are TRIPPIN and still a douche bag… Illusions of grandior has your face in the dicktionary… You don’t even have a “dance permit” to allow you to dance while they sip coffee in the back!!! And who the hell keeps giving you more money to pay the landlord while you fool more investors while you figure it out??? How many times can you keep selling your supposed shares??? You’re damn lucky your new investors helped you pay off your “street” hood loan. Man…if the public only new the truth. Blu42…blow me! Them you can make another video Matt!

    • Walnut Creek Anthony P

      Im sure Matt fired you at some point for being a lowlife , he is a super positive person, that has helped a lot of ppl, we got his back…Good luck scrubbing toilets at Mcdonalds though, im sure your parents are very proud…

      • Sofa king retarded

        Matt couldn’t fire anyone even if he made another silly video about it! You must be his misguided investor and have no idea how bi polar he is… Maybe Matt writes for this website too because how is the public to know the truth about him if truthful comments get deleted?

        Who cares anyway… At least I don’t feel like I have to look over my shoulder every time I cross the street even if I am making fries at Mickey D’s. I’m making money the HONEST way and not a crook like DeLima is

  • DVFreewill

    Live music and sports will attract a better higher income crowd than hip-hop/rap DJ’s. I dJ’d for 12 years in SF #fact