Tellus Coffee, Restaurant and Bar Coming Soon to Downtown Walnut Creek

1410 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Last year we learned that a new “coffee parlor” and barber called Lever would be coming to downtown Walnut Creek where Schroder Insurance used to be. As you can see by the signage outside, this has been replaced by a new cafe, restaurant and bar called Tellus, “coming soon”.

From their website:

We are dedicated to providing not only great Coffee, Tea, Beer/Wine and Food – but a cozy, relaxing environment to truly enjoy it in. Our space features plenty of natural light and a beautiful green plant wall, with plenty of space to lounge or work in.

We roast all our beans in-house on a zero-emissions Bellwether Roaster- carefully choosing the regions and farms we source our raw beans from and customizing each small-batch roast for a variety of flavors and strengths.