Take One Pizza Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek

1273 Locust St, Walnut Creek

The downtown Walnut Creek pizza scene has been exploding recently. Although Project Pie closed, two more pizzerias are coming to take its place. Last week we learned that Slice House would be coming to Walnut Creek and now San Jose-based pizzeria Take One Pizza is coming to downtown Walnut Creek next to Century Movie Theater where Coco Swirl used to be. Check out their menu here. Pizzas ready in 5 minutes.

From their website:

We’ve taken the model of a movie studio—call it the pizza studio—and made you the director at Take One Pizza where you call the shots. Pick the toppings you want exactly the way you want. Our staff moves when you say action and your pizzas are ready in 5 minutes or less. Daily, our chef hand selects over 40 fresh ingredients and toppings to choose from. Flaming hot, our brick ovens bake your pizza in three minutes or less. We are all about great flavor and convenience.

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  • Old curmudgeon

    Pizza, Pizza, Pizza. I give it 6 months before they change the menu or go bust having found there are a million other pizza places in the WC sphere. Some are even fairly good and have easy access free parking (The cinema parking structure is a pain and usually full in evenings.)

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    Again I ask, who is in charge of excessive amounts of one type of restaurant going in to a city? I’m sorry, but this place looks terrible, with cheap ingredients.

  • Nick

    The market will sort this out eventually (just ask the cupcake or froyo folks). Whoever thinks it’s a good idea to enter a crowded market with high fixed costs probably shouldn’t be running a business.

  • bsg

    Why not just a cheap slice place like Blondies so teens can get a slice before or after the movies?

  • WC

    The demand for off sidewalk pizza slices… Have you been around town when the bars close on Thur, Fri or Sat night.