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iBar Opening Soon on N California Blvd in Walnut Creek

1687 N. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

The eyebrow threading salon iBar is opening soon in another location (in addition to their Broadway Plaza location) right next to The Counter at the Mercer apartment complex on N. California Blvd. in downtown Walnut Creek. If I had to take a guess I imagine this is in preparation for when Broadway Plaza closes. This way they’ll still have a downtown Walnut Creek presence, and since the stores at Mercer are populated by so many salons this makes sense that they would move there.



Kandyland Coming Soon to Walnut Creek

1683 N. California Blvd, Walnut Creek

Yesterday I noted that a new candy store called The Candy Counter is coming soon to downtown Walnut Creek on N. Main St. and now another candy store called Kandyland is opening in downtown Walnut Creek next to The Counter restaurant on N. California Blvd. Judging by the reference in their website to Print Cates who has been involved with Powell’s I’m wondering how this will differ from Powell’s. Note that this is in the Mercer apartment complex where so many salons are located.

From their website:

Our Kandy Kaptain, Krystle, has always loved all things sweet and sparkly!
Krystle’s passion for Kandy and glam began like most people as a child.
Krystle’s sugary dreams have inspired her to embark on her own Kandy Kareer!
She decided in May to attend the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. It was
there that she heard about real life “Willy Wonka,” Print Cates.

Our Kandy Kaptain immediately turned on her Kandy Radar, and located
Mr. Wonka in San Francisco. Lollipops and sparkles ensued, and before
you know it our Kandy Kaptain had found her Kandy “Print”ce! Kurrently both
are heavily involved in the Konstruction and Opening processes of Kandyland.
The Sparkle and Glamour will arrive winter 2013.

Current thoughts are to open a flagship store and then subsequent corporate
stores. The “K” in Kandyland of Kourse arrives from our Kandy Kaptain,
Krystle’s own unique spelling of her name. The “K” theme is Karried throughout
Kandyland…and we just decided anything we wanted to spell with a “K”…
…we would!



New Store Coming to Downtown Walnut Creek in Early October

new-store-walnut-creek-n-main st
1601 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

A new store is coming to N. Main St. in downtown Walnut Creek this October where All American Signs used to be. I’ve been sworn to secrecy as to what it is but they already have one location elsewhere in Walnut Creek and it’s going to be very interesting judging by the eclectic signs in the window. More details coming soon…

new-store-walnut-creek-n-main st-signs


The Candy Counter Opening in Downtown Walnut Creek in Early November

1385 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

A new candy store called The Candy Counter is coming to downtown Walnut Creek this November on N. Main St. (across from CREAM) where the eyeglass store The Art and Science of Eyewear used to be. They plan on selling bulk candy by the pound and bars as well. I’m imagining something like Powell’s in Lafayette without the ice cream. I look forward to checking this place out!

From their Facebook page:

The Candy Counter is a family operated business run by Mark, Carol, Meghan and Laura Sherry. The goal of the store was to help create a future for Meghan and Laura. By starting our own Business we are able to secure jobs for both girls as long as the store remains open. When thinking of a potential business adventures we considered a few things. The first is what we wanted to do, what would make us happy and what we had a passion for. Meghan loves candy and suggested the idea. We then looked around Walnut Creek and soon realized that there were no good candy stores in the area that sell a wide variety of bulk candy, and from that point on, we launched our adventure and have since been working towards building our dream candy store.



Cilantro Cafe Changes Name to Kaffa Cafe in Walnut Creek

1632 N. Main St, Walnut Creek

Back in May I noted that a new cafe called Cilantro Cafe opened where Sax Coffee used to be on N. Main St. next to the Walnut Creek City Hall and they have recently been renamed Kaffa Cafe (same owners). They offer coffee, tea, smoothies and other drinks in addition to a sandwich menu which can be viewed here. Outside signage (replacing the Sax Coffee sign) should be up soon.

From their website:

Kaffa is one of the original Ethiopian words for coffee. We strive to bring you the original coffee experience at Kaffa Cafe in Walnut Creek, California. We are family owned and passionate about bringing people together, which is why our coffee shop features a wide assortment of quality products and amazing service in a home comfort atmosphere. We have more than five years of experience in the industry, and we know what it takes to deliver a perfect cup of espresso and coffee. Customers love coming into our shop because of the great customer service, warm environment, and affordable prices. Be sure to pick up some of our award winning coffee, healthy sandwiches, vegetarian sandwiches, healthy smoothies or some kona blend coffee.

Check out the cool window design:


Denica’s Cafe – Real Food Kitchen Opening this Fall in Walnut Creek

2280 Oak Grove Road, Walnut Creek

Denica’s Cafe – Real Food Kitchen, the Dublin based bakery and restaurant is planning on opening a new location in Walnut Creek this fall (in the Nob Hill shopping center) and are having a job fair tomorrow at their Dublin location for all three locations (Dublin, Walnut Creek and Livermore) according to a Craigslist posting here. Has anyone tried this place? What’s your favorite dish? Diablo Dish has more information Denica’s Cafe here. Thanks to a reader for the reminder that they are opening soon.

Click menu to view large:

Inside view: