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Baking and Brushes Studio Opens in Danville Livery

Danville Livery

A new children’s baking and art studio from the owners of Tal’s Patisserie and Pinot’s Palett recently opened in the Danville Livery on Sycamore Valley Rd. To find out more about their summer camp click here.

From their website:

Baking and Brushes is a creative Baking and Art studio, offering classes, camps and parties, for children and teens.
Baking and Brushes is a one of kind studio, founded by the owners of “Tal’s Patisserie” and “Pinot’s Palette”, with the goal of providing a safe and creative environment in which kids and teens can relax, learn baking and art skills and express their creativity.

The studio offers-
Birthday parties
Holiday events
Classes and camps
Parent and me classes and parties
Girl scouts activities
Homeschooling programs


Wow Wow Lemonade Coming to Danville Livery

Danville Livery

Hawaiian-based Wow Wow Lemonade is coming to the Danville Livery on Sycamore Valley Rd. Check for updates on their Facebook page here and Instagram page here.

From the Wow Wow Lemonade website:

With produce from local farmers, we’re able to create unique and gourmet flavors. Whether it’s Da Green Lemonade with locally grown Kale, our Makai Watermelon Basil with Big Island seedless watermelon and Kumu farms basil, or our Lychee Strawberry or Mango lemonades which are all sourced locally, we strive to provide uniquely crafted flavors that feature Hawaii’s finest fruits. We have chosen not to pasteurize our drinks, so that you can get the most nutrition and live enzymes possible, from every handcrafted drink.


Studio 26 Opens in Danville Livery

Danville Livery

A new fitness gym called Studio 26 opened recently in Danville Livery that offers Barre, Mat Pilates, and Tae Bo. Check out their schedule here.

From their website:

We barre hard at Studio 26. We are committed to elevating your barre experience by offering a 1-hour full body workout that combines small isometric movements with full range motions that incorporate light weights, resistance bands, yoga blocks, and balls. Each class is heavily influenced by music and will feature variations that engage your core, build lean muscles, lift your seat, and tone all around. Our instructors are trained to support you through challenging yet safe classes, and will offer modifications and adjustments as needed.

Daily Life

Danville Livery – the “Twilight Zone” Shopping Center

Danville Livery

I’ve been to the shopping center Danville Livery quite a few times over the years, and yet, every single time I park my car, I can never find it when it’s time to leave. I look out at the parking spots, glance at the buildings, and begin a futile search. It’s gotten to a point where I just randomly pick a direction and start walking, hoping to find it. You see, every building in Danville looks IDENTICAL. I can imagine the designers back in 1982 (when it was built) discussing how to get a “captive audience” for this shopping center. “I know, let’s make every single building the same so people get lost and have to spend more time shopping”.

It is nice and shady so it’s enjoyable to walk around and around but a bit frustrating. Am I off base or has anyone else had trouble locating their car?